NY and NYC Anti-Harassment Training Course Outline


Training meets all New York State and New York City Anti-Harassment Training Requirements


Instructor-led onsite training and webinars to comply with NY State and New York harassment training laws


Every employer in New York is required to fulfill their new annual training requirement. Employers are encouraged to schedule their training sessions with us as soon as possible.

Our Instructor-Led Onsite and Webinar courses follow the same format and course content for constancy.

Everyone gets the same message - even if they cannot attend an in-person session. 

Please contact us with any questions about the most cost effective approach to meet your training needs.

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Anti-Harassment Course Outline for New York and New York City Employers

Course Overview:

  • 1.5-hour session for all employees (A 30 minute "Managers Mandate" session is also provided  for management and supervisory personnel addressing their specific responsibilities in the prevention of sexual harassment, retaliation, and measures to appropriately address sexual harassment complaints.
  • Participant manual customized to your organizations harassment related policy and procedures
  • Interactive course content tailored to fit your organization's culture and business environment
  • Real world examples tailored to your organization
  • Exercises and discussions to target your issues and concerns
  • Interactive "You-Make-The-Call" scenarios for an engaging learning experience
  • Participant engagement and Q&A opportunities
  • Presented by a "Master Facilitator" SME
  • Certificate of Completion is provided for each participant
  • Training acknowledgement form and training documentation

Course Outline:Why So Popular

Update on Workplace Harassment

  • The cost and impact
  • What about “Free Speech”
  • The #MeToo Movement

What is Harassment?

  • Discriminatory Harassment
  • Zero Tolerance

What is Sexual Harassment?

  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
  • Hostile Environment

What about Workplace Bullying and Abusive Behavior?

Types of Inappropriate Behavior

  • Physical, Verbal, Visual
  • "Hot Topic" Virtual harassment (Email, Text, Social Medial)

What is Sex Stereotyping?

Recognizing and appropriately responding to subtle forms of harassment

Taking a proactive approach to control workplace harassment

The Bystander Effect

  • What it is and why it is important
  • Bystander Intervention
  • How to intervene
    • What to say
    • What to do
  • What to do when you can't intervene

Who can be the Target of Sexual Harassment?

Who can be the Perpetrator of Sexual Harassment?

Where Can Workplace Sexual Harassment Occur?

What Should I Do If I Am Harassed? 

What Should I Do If I Witness Sexual Harassment?

The Supervisor's Responsibility

Retaliation is prohibited

  • What is Retaliation?
  • What is Not Retaliation

Investigation and Corrective Action 

  • Investigation Process
  • Liability

Additional Protections and Remedies

  • New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR)
  • New York City Commission on Human Rights 
  • United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The Harassment Quiz Everyone Must Ace


The Manager's Mandate Session:

This 30 minute session is designed specifically to address conduct by supervisors and any additional responsibilities they have to control workplace harassment. This important session is designed around applicable laws and your organization's harassment related policies and procedures.

The Supervisor's Responsibility includes:

  • Setting the tone
  • Controlling harassment
  • Taking a claim of harassment
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Controlling retaliation
  • How to avoid costly mistake that supervisors too often make

Participants leave with information they need to respond to and control all forms of harassment and understand the critical role they play in creating a defensible position against harassment claim.   


Before the Training:

Before any training is done, our trainer will discuss the training with you. From that discussion, the course materials will be refined to make certain the training is formatted with your policies and procedures. The trainer will also have the opportunity to discuss with you the work environment and culture of the organization. This will assist them in tailoring the examples and cases used in the training to the participant's organization and real work environment. We want to fully engage the participants to create a positive and relevant learning experience.

Alliance trainers are master facilitators and subject matter experts who understand all aspects of workplace harassment applicable local, state and federal harassment laws. They implement adult learning principles to ensure a quality and straightforward learning experience. They have over 10 years of training experience with a proven track record for success. 

We want to make the process easy for you and valuable to your participants. We are with you at every step of the process to ensure your return on investment. We back this up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Take a proactive approach to control Workplace Harassment.