Sexual Harassment Training That Works


Courses that prevent Sexual Harassment and all forms of Discriminatory Harassment

Why this Sexual Harassment training is so popular.

Participants learn to recognize harassment – even the subtle forms. But, rather than dwelling on legal standards and what NOT to do, this training focuses on WHAT TO DO.

Everyone discovers new skills – the words and actions – that promote respect and fairness. Participant's develop a solid understanding of their responsibility to control sexual harassment and all forms of discriminatory harassment.

Courses for Employees and Courses for Manages and Supervisors

Why these courses are so highly recommended:

  • We go beyond the “Mad Men” mentality of sexual harassment and tackle the more subtle behaviors and bias that can lead to harassment claims.
  • All training is tailored specifically to your organization's policy and procedures.
  • We tackle the tough questions like “What’s wrong with a little flirting and joking around?
  • Interactive, skills-based training relevant to your organization and industry
  • We discuss difficult situations like: “How to handle unwanted attention” and more…
  • Interactive cases - Real cases participants can relate to without the legal jargon.
  • We address borderline behavior that makes some uncomfortable – even though peers are clearly enjoying themselves.
  • “You-Make-The-Call” exercises - Real world examples where participants are challenged to make the "tough" calls.
  • “One person’s conversation can be another person’s harassment.” Participants learn tips to be more aware of people’s perceptions.
  • Interactive discussions involving how to handle those "uncomfortable situations where people aren't sure what to do. 
  • Bystanders learn how and when to intervene – and what to do when they cannot intervene.
  • Understanding the impact of the "Passive" bystander and the difference the "Active" bystander can make – even after the fact.
  • Participants learn to recognize and respond effectively when issues of culture and personal perspectives come into play.
  • Interactive discussions involving how to handle those "uncomfortable situations where people aren't sure what to do. 
  • Too often people are afraid to file a claim of harassment because they are afraid of repercussions. In this session participants learn that controlling harassment is everyone’s responsibility. They discover ways to control harassment and “nip-it-in-bud” before it becomes a problem.
  • This training helps your organizations create a defensible position against harassment claims of any type.

Our training is not about scolding people or targeting wrongdoers.

These courses provide a positive approach to eliminating sexual harassment and creating a harassment-free workplace.

Change behavior and improve your culture with this training.

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