Attitude Skills for Success at Work and Life


An Attitude Skills Workshop

  • Learn thinking processes that maximize your ability to succeed.

  • Unique workshop teaches you how to Develop and Apply Positive Attitudes for Success.


Your Attitude is showing! This unique workshop teaches participants how to develop a positive attitude for success. Whether you consider yourself to have a good or bad attitude, this course will help you be more successful in your job and life.

While we all know attitude affects a person’s behavior and their results, courses specifically designed to teach employees the skills they need to develop a positive attitude are not typically made available. That’s why we developed this Attitude Skills course.

We call it attitude skills, but it is really about helping people discover new ways of thinking. The workshop is based on the assumption that everyone has an attitude. It might be a positive or a negative attitude depending on someone else’s perspective.  The real issue is training individuals how to use thinking processes that maximize their ability to succeed. We teach thinking processes that reflect in the types of behaviors that insure success in business and life. 

Participants in this training learn how to re-engineer their thought process to become more effective – even in the most challenging work environments. 


Taking responsibility for your own attitude is the first step to success.


Most employers expect the manager to “fix” or “fire” the employee with a "bad attitude." In fact, there is little the manager can do to “fix” the employee’s attitude.  The employee must “fix” their own attitude. At the same time, the manager’s attitude must be right to create an environment allowing the employee to refocus their attitude for a more positive and productive work effort. If the manager or the employee lacks the skills to make adjustments to their thought processes – attitude change for a more productive effort will not take place. 

This seminar is not just a "make you feel good” for a day long “rah-rah” session. Participants learn practical techniques and specific how-to’s they can use immediately to refocus and rethink their approach to work performance, the team, the boss and their life. 

The right attitude is critical to all aspects of organizational performance. Having the right attitude impacts:

  • Job performance
  • Meeting quality standards
  • Sales potential
  • Customer service and support
  • Team spirit
  • Boss/employee relations
  • Coworker support
  • Stakeholder expectations
  • And much, much more.

Let’s face it, when it comes to success in business and life, your attitude is a “make it” or “break it” factor. Therefore, this training session is designed for all employees and managers at all levels of the organization. From sales and customer service personnel to administrative and front line employees, this seminar will benefit everyone.  


The “Attitude Skills for Success” class benefits everyone.


In this highly interactive session, participants develop a heightened awareness and a genuine understanding of how to take a “Yes I can!” approach to everything they do. Through self-evaluation, application exercises and developing a definitive plan of action, everyone leaves refocused to achieve their goals.

Holding yourself accountable for job performance begins with
holding yourself accountable for your attitude.


Who Should Attend

Both the employer and their employees benefit from this training. The employer gains a workforce that is re-energized to meet performance challenges in the short term and the sustainable skills for long term success. The employees develop skills for success in their job and life skills that can be applied to every career, personal and family situation.


Training Benefits

  • Develop a culture of accountability
  • Develop a positive “Yes I can” attitude for improved performance
  • Improved work quality
  • Improved sales and customer relations
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Improved team efforts
  • Improved goal achievement
  • And more...

Overview of Topics Covered and Learning Points Developed

  • Understanding attitude
  • Recognize the importance of attitude
  • Positive attitude is the way you dedicate yourself and the way you think
  • Check the way you think
  • Developing your attitude attributes
  • Develop a “Yes I can” attitude
  • Learning the power of attitude
  • Identify attitude origins and influences
  • Apply the principles that lead to positive attitudes
  • Have a clear, concise vision
  • Do a reality check of your dreams
  • Don’t let fear stop your success
  • Sell the benefits of performance
  • Take responsibility for your attitude, your actions and your results
  • Take specific actions that will lead to a positive attitude
  • Tell stories to paint pictures of success
  • Invite participation
  • Radiate optimism
  • Recognize achievement
  • What to do when you become negative
  • What to do when others are negative
  • Develop individual action plans to achieve a positive attitude


For most people, these skills and behaviors do not automatically happen. This is especially true in time of crisis and uncertainty.  This training can do wonders for improved workplace morale and improved performance. Creating great workplace attitudes is not just the manager’s job – it is everyone’s job

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