Dealing with Garnishments and Levies


Learn the Correct Process for Handling Garnishments

Avoid Breaking Garnishment Laws, Rules and Regulations

Take proper garnishment action on child support tax levies, lack of funds and more…


 (CPE credits available)

Who Should Attend

Payroll professionals, accounts payable professionals, office managers, human resource professionals and small business owners



Training Benefits

  • Recognize the issues to avoid costly mistakes
  • Identify how to handle multiple garnishments
  • Determine what to do when there is not enough money to pay all the orders
  • Determine which garnishments have priority
  • Recall how to comply with federal tax levies
  • Recall how to comply with family support orders



Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Recognize federal restrictions on creditor garnishments
  • Recall the first thing you are supposed to do with a federal tax levy
  • Determine how to prioritize bankruptcy orders
  • Identify how to juggle multiple garnishments (which one takes priority?)
  • Recognize the difference in administering a defaulted federal student loan and a state guarantee agency loan
  • Determine which takes precedence, federal or state law
  • Distinguish the difference between wage assignments and garnishments
  • Recognize the employer’s liability when served with any type of garnishment
  • Recall all the details of handling family support garnishments
  • Recall the proper way to handle a bonus when an employee also has a family support garnishment against their wages
  • Recall the proper calculation for take-home-pay
  • Recall the proper calculation for disposable pay
  • Identify how to review court orders so you can easily determine your legal obligations
  • Determine when a company can legally take an administrative fee


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