Wage and Hour Law for California Employers


Training On Changes and Developments in CA State and Federal Wage and Hour Laws

(CPE credits available)

Who Should Attend

For professionals who must have a solid understanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage and Hour Law) to better determine their company’s legal and payroll responsibilities, avoid wage and hour violations that result in steep penalties, and avoid costly litigation. 

Training Benefits

  • Recognize the areas of payroll that fall under federal, state and joint regulation
  • Identify how to avoid the penalties and fines of non-compliance
  • Recognize the exceptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage and Hour Law) for the state of California
  • Identify the formula to protect budgets when paying overtime
  • Identify the importance of classifying employees correctly
  • Recognize the mandatory recordkeeping compliance laws


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Recall the 17 California Wage Orders
  • Determine which California Wage Orders apply to your industry
  • Identify the exceptions to minimum wage
  • Recognize the penalties for noncompliance
  • Determine deductions from wages:
    • Deductions for tardiness
    • Deductions for employee debts
    • Deductions for unreturned tools and uniforms
    • Deductions for meals and lodging
    • Deductions for overpayment of wages
    • Deductions for garnishments
  • Identify the compliance issues with California Form DE-34
  • Recognize California’s mandatory day off rule
  • Recognize how to correctly classify employees:
    • Exempt
    • Nonexempt
  • Identify the maximum hours employees may work in California
  • Determine how the alternative workweek agreement effects minimum shift length
  • Distinguish when rest breaks and meal periods must occur and the penalties suffered for violations
  • Identify the second meal break requirement for healthcare and limitations of waivers
  • Recognize on-duty meal breaks
  • Determine how to handle clock records versus actual hours worked
  • Distinguish call-in pay and on-call/standby pay
  • Determine travel time pay and pay for employee education or training programs
  • Recognize distinction between piece rates, bonuses and commissions


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