The Essentials of Facility Management


Training Provides Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Effective Facilities Management 


This Facility Management program gives you practical how-to’s, up-to-date facility management techniques, strategies and methods facility managers can apply immediately.

As the facilities management function continues to evolve, so do the range of responsibilities and the methods employed to deliver services. In this interactive course, participants are engaged with thought-provoking exercises and discussions to build solid skills, real-world insight and valuable know-how to handle the facility management job with confidence.

This workshop covers the entire facility management range providing expert solutions and the latest best practices used in the profession. Your facilitator confronts head-on the real-world problems encountered on the ground. Everyone leaves the program with new skills to deal with people and manage change. The course helps participants recognize and confront the implications of their actions in a "safe" environment.

Alliance tailors each course to the client’s needs and specific learning objectives. Therefore, we will want you to speak with the selected facilitator to refine the course content, learning objectives and make adjustments for any organizational or industry issues that may impact the training. This conversation will also help them tailor the examples, cases, exercises and other interactive aspects of the program to your organization and industry. We want the training to be relevant to your learners and provide a real-world training experience.

Who Should Attend

Facility managers, office managers, building owners, contract administration professionals and anyone interested in facilities management.

Training Benefits

  • Identify the essential functions of the facility manager’s role
  • Step up to the increasing expectations of facility users
  • Determine best facility management practices to comply with municipal code, the ADA, OSHA and EPA
  • Update negotiating and contracting skills for outsourcing maintenance, custodial, security and other contractors
  • Develop a maintenance strategy for premises and services
  • Focus on managing expenses, cutting utility costs and gaining bottom line value from asset management

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Asset management and facility management: What’s the difference?
  • Taking charge of the relationship with the end-user - how to establish standards, determine needs, survey for success,and build the relationship for the future
  • Team Exercise - Bid Specification Preparation for Custodial Outsourcing
  • Four approaches to maintenance and how to use them to build the Master Schedule: Preventative, Proactive, Reactive and Run-to-Failure
  • Eyes Wide Open -  Looking around at the laws and code that can financially cripple the business and facility: ADA compliance, municipal code compliance, Indoor Air Quality, security, third party premises liability and safety
  • Technical Skills vs. Management Skills: Why many facility managers rely upon previous technical, engineering and maintenance skills to solve management problems…but is it the best approach?
  • Skills Update:  How and when to negotiate and contract for outsourcing services such as maintenance, custodial, security and space design
  • The “bottom line” checklist:  where to look for energy management savings, risk-management costs and soft dollar expenses
  • Emergency Action:  How Oklahoma City, September 11th and disgruntled employees have impacted the role of facility management


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