Managing Project Stakeholders and Relationships


Learn How to Analyze Stakeholder Influence and Develop Strategies to Communicate, Set Boundaries and Manage Competing Expectations


This 2-day project management course trains project managers on the realities facing sponsors and project stakeholders at all levels. The course develops the leadership competencies to construct better project relationships, create positive energy and acquire more meaningful project results.

A project manager’s results are only as good as their ability to accomplish tasks through others.

In this interactive course, participants master skills and techniques necessary to influence in a diverse and rapidly changing world. They discover new ways to enhance creativity and how to empower and motivate others to achieve higher levels of performance.


Who Should Attend

This course is for those with little or no experience in project management who intend to work on a project or intend to manage a project soon and want to learn project management skills quickly.


Training Benefits

  • Apply leadership skills and demonstrate leadership competencies that influence and gain support 
  • Build trust based relationships with stakeholders and team members 
  • Develop a consultative leadership style 
  • Identify personal risk tolerance



Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Building your Project Leadership Competencies 
    • Project Management competency models 
    • Importance of compatibility as a prerequisite for trust 
    • Establishing compatibility on projects
  • Building Knowledge, Skills and Experience 
    • Project management knowledge, skills and experience 
    • Building business context knowledge and expertise 
    • How to acquiring subject matter expertise quickly
    • Building trust-based relationships 
    • Building project manager credibility and reliability 
    • Enhancing emotional reliability 
    • Project manager low self-orientation 
    • Listening
  • Consultative Leadership and the Importance of Advising 
    • Servant Leadership in project management 
    • Being seen as a trusted adviser 
    • How to advise properly 
    • Step-by-step advising 
    • Advising or persuading
  • How to Demonstrate Consultative Leadership 
    • Engaging others in the project goals
    • Framing – logical and emotional 
    • Visioning and creating 
    • Building Commitment 
    • Dealing with resistance
  • Managing Project Risks 
    • Risk Attitudes and emotional literacy 
    • Modifying risk attitudes 
    • Courage and self-confidence 
    • Fundamental choices and convictions


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