Project Procurement Management


Learn how to identify contract components and understand the procurement process from start to finish.

This Project Procurement Management Course gives a detailed view of the processes used to acquire resources, to complete projects, and to ensure fulfillment of requirements. Strategic buying decisions can critically impact a project’s bottom line.

In this interactive session, participants learn best practices in procuring outside services and products. From the initial decision to buy through final contract closeout, participants are introduced to the procurement acquisition and contract processes of project management.

Using cases, interactive discussions and exercises, participants identify what must be done to successfully execute the key project procurement management processes. They discover best practices to plan purchases and acquisitions, plan contracting, request seller responses, select vendors, contract administration, and contract closure.


Who Should Attend

The course is designed for project managers wanting to enhance their understanding of the project procurement and contract management processes. Participants should have at least two years of experience working on project teams.



Training Benefits

  • Understand the vocabulary and fundamental concepts of procurement and contracting
  • Learn project procurement and contract management methods, tools and techniques
  • Master the various types of contracts and pricing models, their strengths and weaknesses, and when they should be used
  • Identify procurement and contract management issues from the unique perspectives of the buyer and seller
  • Recognize how the purchases and acquisitions process plays a role in Project Procurement Management
  • Utilize best practices for requesting responses and selecting sellers processes during Project Procurement Management 
  • Facilitate contract management activities and prepare the contract for closure


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Plan Purchases and Acquisitions 
    • Identify different contract types
    • Identify plan purchases and acquisitions inputs and outputs
    • Identify plan purchases and acquisitions tools and techniques
  • Plan Contracting 
    • Identify factors that can influence contract planning
    • Identify plan contracting process tools, techniques and outputs 
    • Identify plan contracting inputs
  • Requesting Responses and Selecting Sellers 
    • Define the purpose of the request seller responses process 
    • Identify select seller's process inputs 
    • Identify select seller's process tools and techniques
    • Identify select seller's process outputs
  • Contract Administration and Closure 
    • Define the contract administration process
    • Identify contract closure inputs and outputs
    • Identify contract closure tools and techniques


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