360 Feedback Report Features

360 Reports

For individuals to improve behaviors needed to succeed in their position, the first step is obtaining reliable feedback that is presented and communicated clearly in an appropriate format.

Key Features and Benefits of Our 360 Feedback Reports

  • Universal PDF format
  • Full color charts & graphs
  • Norms are shown in every appropriate location to give participants a benchmark for comparison.
  • Development planning templates are provided in each report. This encourages participants to plan actions from their results.
  • Data from a previous time through an assessment can be shown throughout the report to compare development progress over a period of time.
  • Detailed descriptions are given for each section in order to guide participants in data interpretation.
  • Development Tips are be included.

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360 Feedback Report Interpretation Tutorial

The online 360 Report Interpretation Tutorial is a supplemental tool to help participants read and interpret the results in their feedback report. This is 22 minute tutorial is accessed through the participant’s assessment portal where they get their reports, development tips, development planning tool. The tutorial covers:

  • Before You Begin (an introduction)
  • Quality of Your Results
  • Introduction to Your Report
  • Summary Charts
  • Scores & Details Charts
  • Development Charts
  • Development Planning 

View a Demo of the 360 Feedback Report Interpretation Tutorial

360 Assessment participants are able to view the tutorial as many times as needed. Because the tutorial is broken into modules, they can review module selectively as needed.

The 360 tutorial ensures the participant understands the terminology and key indicators in their report. Participants are guided through the process to ensure they:

  • Know how to interpret the results
  • Understand what their scores are really telling them
  • Understand the rating scales and how they rate when compared to other managers in similar job positions.
  • Recognize areas where their leadership and management skills can improve
  • Recognize how to set priorities in their development efforts
  • Ensure they maximize the use of the developmental tips provided in their report

The 360 Report Interpretation Tutorial is a valuable tool giving participants guidance to them to maximize the benefits of the 360 assessment process.

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