DiSC Classic EPIC Personal Profile


Effective onsite DiSC training solutions for improved interpersonal and professional success.


DiSC® Classic EPIV is the original DiSC personal profile with the assessment and results delivered online. The DiSC® personal profile system not just a personality test. It is the most advanced personal style assessment method available. Using sophisticated algorithms it quickly analyzes a person’s responses and provides the most personalized personal style feedback possible. And it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

We utilize the DiSC Profile as a learning instrument to help people better understand their personal style and recognize how they utilize each aspect of their behavior style depending on their personality and the situation they find themselves in.

Our onsite, instructor-led DiSC seminars and workshops provide feedback that help individuals improve their interpersonal skills and develop better rapport with others. Participants gain new insights on how they can adjust their style to improve their ability to gain support from others.

Through interactive exercises, video scenarios and lively discussions, everyone discovers ways to improve communication, build more productive teams and enhance their management and leadership skills.


Onsite Training based on DISC

Our training can be based on the DISC Survey model completely or it can be used to support training in the areas of:

  • Communication skills/Conflict management

  • Leadership /Management

  • Teamwork / Team Building

  • Customer Relations / Sales

  • Change / Transition

  • Diversity Training

  • Coaching / Mentoring

Our workplace-specific, client-tailored content creates an in-depth learning experience for you and your team. Our tailored workshop training approach provides a targeted training solution that’s right for your organization at a reasonable cost.

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Download a Sample Assessment:

DiSC® Personal Assessment Profiles:

    • DiSC® EPIC

    • DiSC® Classic

    • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders – EPIC

    • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

    • Everything DiSC® Sales Profile – EPIC

    • Everything DiSC® Management Profile

    • Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile – EPIC

    • 360 asssessment and more...

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Assessment tools are often used in conjunction with our Executive Coaching and Professional Development Services.

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