Complying With Letter CP-2100 & Related B-Notices - $39

An online guide respond to an IRS Notification CP-2100 or CP-2100a.

Learn best practices to deal with IRS 1st B-Notice and 2nd B-Notice.


Receiving an unexpected letter from the IRS in the mail typically comes with a feeling of worry, concern. Confusion often sets in when it relates to a an unfamiliar topic such as backup withholding (Pub 1281) or Annual Solicitation (Pub 1586) and more.

This course answers the question: What do you do when the IRS sends you a 1099 Correction Notice? 

This course answers your questions about IRS Notification CP-2100 or CP-2100a and IRS 1st B-Notice and 2nd B-Notice.

You get the answers you need, the step-by-step approaches you need to take and cautions about things you do not want to do when the Letter CP-2100 or B-Notices arrive.



Product Code: CP2100BNotice

Duration of Course Access: 12 Months (Access and review any or all sections of the course at any time for a period of 12 months.)





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The Complying With Letter CP-2100 & Related B-Notices Course

What you will learn:

  • How to deal with with Problem 1099’s
    • IRS Notification CP-2100 or CP-2100a
    • Required actions within a limited time period
    • Required steps to resolve
    • What does not require you to respond to the IRS
    • What records are must you are required to keep
  • Using the Pub 1281 Flowcharts
    • Incorrect TINs
    • Missing TINs
  • 1st B-Notice
    • How to respond
    • Required response timelines
    • When is backup withholding required
  • 2nd B-Notice
    • Important tax notice action is required
    • How to track the response
    • What you need to do
      • Individuals
      • Non- individuals or Certain Sole Proprietors
    • What to do if they do not respond
  • Annual Solicitation (Pub 1586)
    • Notice of Name/Number mismatches or missing TIN’s
    • Backup Withholding for Missing and Incorrect Name/TIN(s)
  • Document Your B-Notice Process
    • A checklist of eleven steps you need to take
    • Key reminders
  • Form 945 Cautions - (no coding corrections allowed)


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