Complying With Letter CP-2100 & Related B-Notices - $39

An online guide respond to an IRS Notification CP-2100 or CP-2100a.

Learn best practices to deal with IRS 1st B-Notice and 2nd B-Notice.


Receiving an unexpected letter from the IRS in the mail typically comes with a feeling of worry, concern. Confusion often sets in when it relates to an unfamiliar topic such as backup withholding (Pub 1281) or Annual Solicitation (Pub 1586) and more.

This course answers the question: What do you do when the IRS sends you a 1099 Correction Notice? 

This course answers your questions about IRS Notification CP-2100 or CP-2100a and IRS 1st B-Notice and 2nd B-Notice.

You get the answers you need, the step-by-step approaches you need to take, and cautions about things you do not want to do when the Letter CP-2100 or B-Notices arrive.



Product Code: CP2100BNotice

Duration of Course Access: 12 Months (Access and review any or all sections of the course at any time for a period of 12 months.)





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The Complying With Letter CP-2100 & Related B-Notices Course

What you will learn:

  • How to deal with with Problem 1099’s
    • IRS Notification CP-2100 or CP-2100a
    • Required actions within a limited time period
    • Required steps to resolve
    • What does not require you to respond to the IRS
    • What records are a must that you are required to keep
  • Using the Pub 1281 Flowcharts
    • Incorrect TINs
    • Missing TINs
  • 1st B-Notice
    • How to respond
    • Required response timelines
    • When is backup withholding required
  • 2nd B-Notice
    • Important tax notice action is required
    • How to track the response
    • What you need to do
      • Individuals
      • Non- individuals or Certain Sole Proprietors
    • What to do if they do not respond
  • Annual Solicitation (Pub 1586)
    • Notice of Name/Number mismatches or missing TIN’s
    • Backup Withholding for Missing and Incorrect Name/TIN(s)
  • Document Your B-Notice Process
    • A checklist of eleven steps you need to take
    • Key reminders
  • Form 945 Cautions - (no coding corrections allowed)


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