Nonresident Alien W-8 and 1042 Reporting Course - $89

This online guide walks you through Nonresident Alien W-8 and 1042 Reporting.

Learn to administer the IRS Nonresident Alien Reporting process with ease.

This online course you will develop a  better understanding of the IRS Forms for Nonresident Alien Reporting, Make Proper NRA Determinations, ITIN Renewal Requirements, Key Definitions, Substantial Presence Test, VISA Issues. Presumption Rules, Signatures , Actions Required, Forms Always Require a US TIN, Substitute Forms & Electronic Submission, Reportable Income, FDAP Income, Reporting & Withholding, What’s New and much more….


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Duration of Course Access: 12 Months (Access and review any or all sections of the course at any time for a period of 12 months.)





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The IRS Nonresident Alien W-8 and 1042 Reporting Course Summary: 

This course describes the taxation and basic concepts of United States nonresident alien individuals and reporting payee income. The course covers the forms and publications and provides instructions and best practices for each aspect of nonresident alien reporting process.

The course covers payments made to nonresident aliens, withholding requirements on US source income, special rules, and exclusions for nonresident aliens. You will learn key definitions, presumptive rules, the substantial presence test and much more. 

This course is beneficial to anyone who has the responsibility income amounts paid nonresident aliens.

Nonresident Alien Payees – How to Handle the Information Reporting and Backup Withholding Requirements.


The IRS Nonresident Alien W-8 and 1042 Reporting Course Agenda:

  • Who is a Nonresident Alien?

    • Which document: W-9 or W-8 (which W-8?)
  • Review of the Five Forms W-8

    • When to use each one
  • Why Examine a Tax Treaty

    • Use treaties to confirm exemption claims
  • Making Backup Withholding Deposits Timely

    • Prevent confusion with your other withholding deposits
  • Review of the Form 1042-S

    • And the Annual Form 1042 reporting backup withholding
  • Best Practices to Avoid Penalties

    • Manage your NRA information reporting and backup withholding



Forms and Publications Covered:

IRS Forms Covered:

Form W-8BEN 

Form W-8BEB-E

Form W-8ECI 

Form W-8IMY 

Form W-8EXP 

Form 1042 

Form 1042-T 

Form 1042-S 

Form 8233 

IRS Publications Covered:

Publication 515

Publication 519

Publication 597

Publication 901

Publication 1179

Publication 1187

Tax Treaties


This IRS Nonresident Alien W-8 and 1042 Reporting Course can help you avoid costly penalties and expenses related Nonresident Alien Payee reporting!


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