The TIN Matching  Course - $39

An online guide to easily validate the TIN (Tax Identification Number) in when you file a 1099.

Learn to access and administer the IRS TIN Matching system with ease.

This online course walks you through to the IRS TIN Matching system giving step-by-step direction, links to specific IRS internet locations and critical "do" and "don’t-do" advise from seasoned tax consultant. With this course you can easily and confidently administer the TIN Matching process.


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The IRS TIN Matching Course Summary: 

Take a proactive approach to avoid costly penalties. Prompt vendors to provide thin information you need. Learn to use IRS TIN Matching tool to confirm the name and taxpayer identification number for 1099 vendors.

You can easily and confidently administer the TIN Matching process.


The IRS validates the TIN (Tax Identification Number) in their database when you file a 1099. When the IRS receives a TIN and name combination that doesn’t match the IRS issues a CP2100 or CP2100A. That means the Payer (you) has to issue a B-notice to the Recipient. If the information is incorrect and/or not corrected you can receive a penalty notice.

Those penalties can be up to $260 per occurrence. And there is a $530 penalty per information return for willful disregard. Even for a small business filing only a few of incorrect TIN’s will quickly add up amount you don’t want to pay. The largest penalty is $3,000,000 with a smaller max for small businesses.

Our TIN Matching course provides a proactive approach to help you avoid those penalties. In this course you will learn how to use the IRS TIN Matching system to check the TIN and name before issuing payment to payee. Plus, using the match system prompts the vendor to comply since they know you won’t pay until they provide the information you need.
1099 Compliance Is Critical:

The government has increased inspection of filers in the last few years. The IRS also looks for your TIN Matching process when they develop a penalty notice. Checking the TIN/name combinations can help you reduce the penalty in the first place.

This TIN Matching course can help you avoid costly penalties and expenses from filing invalid Form 1099s!

This course is the perfect add-on to our 1099 MISC and 1099 NEC course.

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