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Understand the laws regarding court ordered deductions or wage garnishments.


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Introduction and Overview

In handling today’s complex payroll deduction issues, it is essential for employers and payroll practitioners to understand the laws regarding court ordered deductions. Court ordered deductions, or wage garnishments, include deductions for family support (spousal support, child support, and/or medical support), bankruptcies, unpaid taxes, student loan debt, and/or creditor debt. Failure to properly comply with these types of payroll deductions can result in penalties against the employer ranging from simple fines to imprisonment. Therefore, involuntary federal deductions and the employer’s obligations relating to them are presented in this on-line training course. State laws regarding involuntary deductions are also included in this course.

Involuntary deductions such as IRS Tax Levies/State Tax Levies and Family Support Orders are ordered by the federal government and/or state government(s) and shouldn’t be confused with voluntary deductions for such things as union dues and charitable donations. When a court ordered garnishment is received, the employer must follow the specific guidelines defined in the order. When the employer is handling one garnishment, the major question they must answer is: How much can be garnished? When they are handling multiple garnishments, there are two major questions they must answer, which one takes priority and how much can be garnished?

"I am so glad I found this training site--my payroll manager resigned and I needed a refresher on garnishments--ASAP--this was just perfect! I plan on using your service more as the need arises! Thank you!" Tonja K. Morris, MHRM, PHR - Vice President - Lane Management


Learning Objectives 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prioritize wage garnishments
  • Apply the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) precisely
  • Apply the National Medical Support Orders properly
  • Calculate the basis (Allowable Disposable Income) for the actual withholding amount
  • Calculate the actual withholding amounts for Family Support, Administrative Wage Garnishments (AWG) and Creditor Garnishments as governed by CCPA
  • Report new hires by state accurately
  • Respond to unusual situations regarding the withholding of child support


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