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Introduction and Overview

Consensus building (also called collaborative problem solving or collaboration) is essentially mediation of a conflict which involves many parties. Opinions of individuals will inevitably differ and may end up deadlocked, compromising the forward progress. So what do you do? Throw up your hands? Yell at the most difficult person? Call a break?  I'm sure we have all felt like doing all of these things (at the same time!), but really there is a better way. It's called consensus building, and it is needed to help determine the relative importance of topics, issues, or problems. Consensus is a technique that allows everyone to equally play an active role in determining the final decision. This module will discuss where consensus building can be used and the major steps involved in consensus building.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Apply consensus-building practices for collaborative problem-solving
  • Determine when and when not to use the consensus-building process
  • Implement the three stages of consensus-building
  • Recognize potential consensus-building problems and take steps to overcome them
  • Recognize when you have achieved consensus
  • Recognize the benefits of the consensus-building process



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