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Develop mentoring skills to take a positive approach, build confidence, and recognize strengths in your mentoring role.


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Introduction and Overview 

People in a mentoring role understand the phrase, “All eyes on you.” This module instructs you on developing the mentoring role within so that you will be an example for others. You will identify the importance of a positive attitude, having an open mind, building confidence, and recognizing individuals’ strengths. Also, you will recognize the value of "flexibility" in problem solving along with developing the habit of asking the right questions. In dealing with uncertainty you will learn how to envision the ideal, how to remain positive, and how to seek opportunities in errors. You will sharpen political skills by learning how to become involved and informed within your organization, and how to influence others.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply the three personal development elements of an effective mentor
  • Recognize the six ways adults learn/think
  • Use the 10-60-90 Principle for effective mentoring
  • Recognize the important distinction between giving advice and giving feedback
  • Use creative problem solving as an effective mentoring technique
  • Apply practices that inspire people to become proactive learners



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