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Learn how to implement tips, techniques and best practices to to motivate others.


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Introduction and Overview

While many people consider motivation to be some form of a pep-talk or a one-on-one meeting, there are other practices that can be used in motivating people without the use of fear or giving orders. This module addresses the practices needed to properly motivate others. Such practices include the value of asking others for advice, keeping others informed, and recognizing and commending people publicly. It also instructs you on the value of providing others with opportunities and identifying and capitalizing on their strengths. One of the most important skills you will learn from this module is the ability and the value in admitting when you are wrong. This module is designed to send the message that you do not have to be in a position of power to motivate others. Thus, personal development is an essential part of this module.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply leadership strategies that motivate employees
  • Use communication to motivate
  • Utilize rewards and recognition programs that motivate
  • Provide constructive criticism in ways that do not de-motivate employees
  • Implement on-going training and education help to maintain motivation



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