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Learn the key topics in accounting and finance for new businesses.


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Duration of Course Access: 90 Days

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Finance and Accounting Course Online  Introduction and Overview

This course provides an introduction to key topics in accounting and finance for those involved in new ventures. It reviews financial accounting basics, including GAAP Principles and financial statements, and also covers key issues in finance, broadly defined as any financial or monetary activity that involves a company.

The course covers these topics:

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Rules of Double-Entry Accounting
  • The Accounting Cycle
  • Relationship of Financial Statements
  • Financial Planning and Budgets
  • Calculating the Master Budget
  • The Cash Budget
  • Pro Forma Financial Statements
  • The Financing Plan
  • Evaluating New Ventures
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Return on Investment and Payback Period

Target Audience:
 This course is designed for adult learners interested in gaining a basic understanding of the finance involved in entrepreneurship.

Level/Prerequisites: Introductory/No Prerequisites

Estimated time to complete: 5 hours

Ask the Expert: This course has an "Ask the Expert" feature, which submits your questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.

Successful Completion Requirement for IACET CEU: Learners must score an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEU credit.

This course is part of the Entrepreneurship Suite which includes these five (5) online courses:



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