Alliance Interactive Training Delivery Structure


Proven Training Content + Proven Training Delivery = Proven Training Solutions

Alliance uses proven training design solutions to guide the process of developing a comprehensive program to meet the specific learning objectives of our client. We incorporate adult learning principles and accelerated learning techniques to ensure learning is transferred from the classroom to on-the-job behaviors. 

The real-life exercises, case studies and skill-builder practice sessions engage the learner in a meaningful and relevant learning experience.

 Interactive Training


Alliance Interactive Training Delivery Structure

The Alliance Interactive Training Delivery Structure – Our instructional programs are designed around adult learning principles and follow this exclusive training delivery structure:

Interactive Training StructureTraining Objective Set-up:

Each Training Objective Set-up is designed to grab the learner’s interest, provide a topic overview, and creates the reason to learn. An introduction to a training objective often includes a hypothetical situation (What Would You Do?) followed by a response (What Could You Do?) or (What Would the Impact Be?).

Learning Points:

Learning Points present the key ideas of the learning objectives and reinforces them with interactive activities. Learning Points are complemented by both instructor examples and interactive discussions of relevant, compelling real-life examples. Each “Learning Point” incorporates Key Ideas, Specific How-to’s, and Application Techniques.


Skill Builders provide real-world, interactive practice to check the learners’ understanding of the Learning Points. Through Skill Builders, individuals hone their newly developed skills and receive instant feedback in a safe environment.

Application Steps:

Application Steps offer practical steps, tips, and tools such as Personal Action Plans, helpful checklists, planning forms and worksheets for applying new skills on the job. Beyond providing quick tips and relevant advice, these tools are ideal for flexible application.

Professionally Designed Course Materials:

The professionally designed course materials provided to each participant serve as a continuous reference for learning reinforcement and skill development. These materials include:

  • Participant Manual
  • Takeaways & Job Aids: Handouts, Checklists, Application Worksheets, Personal Action Plans and other materials depending on the specific needs of each program
  • Certificate of Completion

Evaluate Growth:

Practical training follow-up information and management reinforcement is available for each workshop to ensure classroom learning is reinforced and performance improvement behaviors are applied on-the-job.


The Alliance Interactive Training Structure ensures that the training makes a real difference in job performance and results in a discernible return on your training investment. 


The Alliance Curriculum Development Service provides a collaborative approach leveraging our expertise, customized and standard training tools, and proven facilitation techniques to meet your learning objectives.