A Team Manager’s Checklist


By:  Dale Mask

This checklist identifies critical factors in team effectiveness.  As team leader, you have the responsibility to ensure a yes response in all areas.

Step #1:  Use this checklist to target team success.

Step #2:  Rate each area on a scale of 1 to 5, 6 or 7 (the highest number being the best rating). To get the team on track, give particular attention to the low scoring areas.

I. Team Goals:

___ 1. Does your team have clear goals?

___ 2. How will the team know when the goals have been achieved?

___ 3. How will success be measured?

___ 4. Are the goals seen as important to the team?

___ 5. Do the goals challenge the team to use their skills and abilities?

___ 6. Does the team have a high level of commitment to achieve the goals?

Area Rating: _______


II. Team Support:

___ 1. Does the team feel management will support the team efforts?

___ 2. Does the team get the information they need to accomplish the goals?

___ 3. Is recognition for effort and accomplishment provided for the team and its members?

___ 4. Are risk taking and creative thinking supported?

___ 5. Is the team leader open to team input?

___ 6. Does the leader listen to individual team member concerns?

Area Rating: _______


III. Team Communication:

___ 1. Does the team communicate effectively?

___ 2. Is there conflict within the team?  How effectively is conflict resolved?

___ 3. Do team members feel comfortable discussing key issues?

___ 4. Are different points of view respected?

___ 5. Does the team keep a record of issues raised and decisions made?

Area Rating: _______


IV. Team Culture:

___ 1. Do team members trust and respect each other?

___ 2. Are team members treated with dignity and respect?

___ 3. Is there a climate of professionalism?

___ 4. Do team members understand their individual roles responsibilities?

___ 5. Do team members encourage each other?

___ 6. Is knowledge shared effectively within the team so that each member can be moresuccessful?

Area Rating: _______


V. Team Performance:

___ 1. Do team members have clearly defined and measurable standards?

___ 2. Do team members have the skills required to do their job?

___ 3. Are team members required to adhere to team standards?

___ 4. Does the team actively seek information about how well they are doing?

___ 5. Does the team ask for customer feedback?

___ 6. Does the team have a concern for continuous improvement?

___ 7. Does the team make an effort to review and eliminate outdated policies and procedures?

Area Rating: _______


Ongoing evaluation of these areas and continuing to answer the questions in a positive manner will allow your team to operate at top levels.

By:  Dale Mask

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