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How to build teams to accomplish specific tasks and create team spirit for greater success.


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Introduction and Overview

The philosophy of team building consists of the idea that more is accomplished by groups than by individuals alone. What one person cannot do by him/herself, the group can. There are two aspects of team building. In one sense, teams are built to accomplish specific tasks. In another sense, an atmosphere of togetherness and a sense of belonging is a prerequisite for greater achievement in an organization. This module addresses the importance of creating an atmosphere of team. It will provide you with the tools needed to gain other’s buy-in to organizational goals and objectives. It will instruct you on how to capitalize on the basic human needs for motivation, recognition and a sense of belonging  This course will also cover the importance the team brings to holding members accountable for their actions.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Define the characteristics of effective teams to model your team building efforts
  • Identify and effectively manage the stages in team building
  • Distinguish, establish and manage the roles that team members consistently perform
  • Implement assertive-responsive communication for comfortable dialogue
  • Manage team conflicts, solve problems, conduct effective team meetings, and reward performance to improve team productivity



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