Microsoft Excel Power Functions Seminar


Excel training Customized to Focus on the Functions You Use

We know you don’t need to know or use all 250 plus Excel functions. So, this Excel training is customized to focus on the functions that help you the most.

Microsoft Excel has over 250 functions and many are never used even by Excel professionals. Many of these overlooked functions are powerful time-savers and frequently eliminate the need for complex macros and other techniques. The key is to learn to use the Excel functions that make you most effective. 

Don’t overlook the many valuable functions Excel users often miss.

This training is customized to include topics of special concern to your group, department, division or organization. We can even adapt this course to incorporate your data files.

This seminar explores many different functions and associated commands and techniques - all with examples. The course is tailored to the version of Excel you are using.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who could save time and improve efficiency by learning overlooked functions in Excel.


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

IF, VLOOKUP; other table functions

  • Advanced uses of the IF Function – nested IFs, compound IFs with AND and OR
  • VLOOKUP – lets you look up information in tables in current or other worksheets
  • MATCH – locate data by row
  • INDEX – retrieve by location
  • Using MATCH and INDEX together
  • Range names - create and use with formulas and functions
  • Absolute, Relative and Mixed references

Math Functions

  • Rounding Functions – change calculations
  • ODD and EVEN – adjust to nearest odd or even value
  • FACT – factorial; MOD – find remainder
  • RAND and RANDBETWEEN – random number generators

Statistical Functions

  • MEDIAN – find the middle value
  • RANK – rank data without sorting
  • LARGE – find 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. largest
  • COUNTBLANK – tabulate blank cells

Array Functions

  • FREQUENCY-for frequency distributions
  • TRANSPOSE – flip row/column orientation
  • Write your own array formulas

Analysis ToolPak

  • How to access even more functions

Text Functions

  • FIND and MID – locate and extract data from text cells
  • LEFT and RIGHT
  • TRIM – remove spaces from text cells
  • Using concatenation with functions
  • UPPER, LOWER and PROPER – adjust case

Date Functions

  • WEEKDAY – day of week identifier
  • NETWORKDAYS – count working days between two dates

Other Functions

  • SUMIF and COUNTIF – functions that tabulate data based on conditions

Information Functions



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