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New CourseConflict Management - Working Through Differences

This newly reformatted conflict management workshop develops communication skills to resolve conflict and helps people work through difficult and challenging situations effectively.

In this highly interactive course, participants learn not to sidestep or fear conflict but to manage it. Practical examples, realistic scenarios and experiential exercises help participants learn – and practice - proven techniques to resolve differences.

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"Abusive Conduct" Training Required

Effective January 1, 2015, California employers are required to include an "abusive conduct" to sexual harassment training for supervisory employees. The new law, AB 2053, makes prevention of "abusive conduct" a required component of the sexual harassment training required under AB1825. 

The new law does not create a private right of action for abusive conduct…But it does require supervisory personnel be trained on the prevention of abusive conduct in the workplace.

Alliance Training’s onsite workplace harassment programs include the “abusive conduct” issue…"a discussion of the detrimental consequences" and "specifically” addresses the elements of abusive conduct. Read more…

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Our trainers have a proven ability to provide our government clients the insight and experience needed for practical training to administrative, professional, managerial and technical staffs.

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Give Employees Feedback the Same Way You Want It To Be Given To You


By:  Ross Blake

As a supervisor or manager, you may hear responses like these when you give employees performance feedback:

“You’re just singling me out. Why don’t you go talk with Jolene and Billy, they use their cell phones whenever they want to.”

“It’s not always possible for me to arrive for work on time, my car doesn’t always start.”


As a result of hearing negative resistance to feedback like the above, some supervisors and managers hesitate to give needed feedback in the future, allowing performance issues and problems to continue and even worsen.

How can we give employees feedback when they need it and greatly increase the likelihood of gaining their cooperation to improve their performance?  By giving them feedback the way they want to be given it.

How do they likely want to be given it?  More than likely, it’s the same way you want to be given feedback by your own boss.

For example, suppose your boss feels she needs to give you feedback about a concern she has about some aspect of your job performance or work behavior.

How do you want her to give you that feedback with the objectives of: gaining your cooperation; resolving the issue satisfactorily; and maintaining a good work relationship with you?  Chances are, you would want her to share what her concern is, and why it’s a concern; what she would like you to do instead, and why she wants you to do it that way; and to ask if you have concerns (or input) about what she is asking.  By doing this, she is treating you like another adult professional.

Compare this with typical feedback sessions where managers tell employees that their performance does not meet standards; it’s harming morale and the organization; there is a warning to follow policies; and the session closes with a demand of “do I have your agreement?”

Notice how one-sided this approach is by not providing an opportunity for employees to respond, except to comply. In effect, it seeks cooperation through compliance instead of through collaboration.

In several ways, this approach encourages employees to withhold cooperation by resisting what their manager is saying; or, worse yet, to withhold cooperation back on the job by slowing work down, or giving incomplete answers and assistance to colleagues and customers.

By seeking cooperation through collaboration, you are much more likely to get the increased employee cooperation and performance improvement you desire—provided you give them feedback the same way you want to be given it.

By:  Ross Blake

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