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Train-The-Trainer and Presentation Skills are developed in our onsite seminars and workshops.

Whether you are a corporate trainer, manager, team leader, or sales person who needs to develop presentation skills, Alliance has the course to help you achieve your goal. We even help professional speakers hone their keynote presentation skills. 

We have courses specifically designed to develop: 

As the agent of today's top trainers and presenters, we know the techniques that will make your presentation shine and garner that standing ovation. We offer one, two, and three-day train-the-trainer programs. Whether you prefer a classroom setting or one-on-one coaching, contact us and we will tailor the training to meet your needs.

We develop public speaking skills for success

  • Want to develop the skills to get better results from your communication, presentation, or negotiation efforts?
  • Tired of lecturing and want to develop your facilitation skills to get active participation and improved buy-in to your message?
  • Do you want to improve your ability to influence others and deliver a powerful message that inspires people to action?


Put the techniques used by professional speakers to work for you.

We make public speaking easy. With simple to use techniques, our training sessions show you how to:

  • Use Pause and Punch to give greater impact to your message
  • Learn how to develop rapport with audiences of any size
  • Know when to move and when to stand still
  • Use Body language to maximize your impact
  • Use voice tone to inspire the audience's imagination

Lets’ face it, presentation skills are critical to selling, training, and managing. In fact, to be a great leader you must also be a great communicator. 

Communication skills are central to people skills. How many times have you seen someone fail to get the promotion simply because they lacked good people skills?


Take charge of your future today. Our communication skills training programs are designed specifically for your needs. You will:

  • Learn why and how people filter your message
  • Learn how to stop misinterpretations
  • Learn how to say it so they hear it
  • Speak so people want to listen to you

This training could be considered required training for managers and people who want to be more influential with others including the boss.

  • Learn to draw the audience in and move them to action
  • Create openings that will shatter resistance
  • Learn to frame your message so it is best heard


Whether it is a five-minute meeting, a phone conversation or a keynote speech, we provide working skills you can use to move people to action.


We show you how to manage the way people see you and hear you. You will learn how to say your message and how you deliver your message. You will learn to build a better presentation, not just give a PowerPoint show.

  • Learn how to read your audience's body language
  • Learn techniques to know what your audience is thinking but not saying
  • How your physical image impacts how people listen to what you say
  • Ensure that your message relates to all communication styles in the room so everyone hears the same message

We guarantee you will learn powerful skills and solid strategies for overcoming presentation jitters, making impromptu speaches, and staying cool, calm, and collected when your audience starts drilling you with tough questions.

Our training is often considered required training for sales people. If you are going to sell in this economy every sales presentation must be persuasive. You must be more compelling than your competitors. So, we will help you develop communication skills to be the vendor of choice.

If you are in a management or leadership position, our management communications courses inspire and influence others for improved performance. It's an investment with a guaranteed ROI.

Alliance's training and speaking skills seminars and workshops help you build the skills to deliver high impact training and presentations in any situation.

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