Building the Customer Centric Organization


Develop Strategies and Learn Skills to Improve Customer Relationships

Discover techniques & processes to create customer centricity.

Learn new ways of looking at client interactions.

Create a clear path to growth & profitability.

In this interactive session, participants discover new techniques and processes to create customer centricity within their organizations and create a clear path to growth and profitability. The program examines processes and identifies resources needed to create a customer-focused organization.  

The Customer Centric Approach in this workshop develops an entirely new way of looking at client links and interactions, with a view to radically rejuvenate customer relationships. Everyone will leave the session with an action plan to drive innovation, profit and growth in any economy. 

Customer Centricity is about understanding customer needs, then designing and delivering offerings that enable your customers to succeed. It is about being willing to be measured on the basis of your customers’ successes and making that the basis of growth and profitability.

The Customer Centric Organization is singularly focused on the customer. It requires rethinking the company, its mission and its operations in customer terms. Customer Centricity is about relentlessly designing and delivering extraordinary customer experiences.


The interactive cases, examples and exercises used in the session will be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.


Who Should Attend

This workshop, developed by Sam Swaminathan, is designed for middle and senior management who are engaged in generating new and exciting business opportunities by nurturing strong relationships with clients. 


Training Benefits

  • Devise and implement new mechanisms that make it easier for customers to do business with them
  • Segment customers according to their needs and devise suitable solutions
  • Devise up-to-date methods to build long standing relationships with key customers
  • Listen to customers and apply the learning to stimulate change
  • More accurately identify customer needs
  • Apply innovative methods to strengthen the client relationship



Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understanding the forces of change
  • Making your company easy to do business with
  • Treating customers differently
  • Learning from your customers
  • Keeping your customers
  • Organizing around customers



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