Online Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training Course Outline


Supervisor’s Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment Course Outline

Our online courses are customized to your organization's policy and meet the specific sexual harassment training requirements that apply to your company. These training requirements may include: 

Employers must ensure that management and supervisor sexual harassment training is provided.  

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Supervisor’s Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment

Outline of Topics and Learning Points Delivered

  • Overview of Importance of Training and Laws that Prohibit Harassment
    • Learning Objectives
    • Why Every Employee Should Care About Discriminatory Harassment
    • Why Training is Important
  • Federal Laws that Prohibit Harassment
    • Understanding all Types of Discriminatory Harassment
    • State Law (in your location) that prohibits harassment
    • Discrimination versus Harassment
  • In-Depth Discussion of the Two Different Types of Harassment
    • Definition of Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Discussion of Who Can Engage in Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Examples and Discussion of Actual Cases
    • Definition of Hostile Work Environment Harassment
    • Discussion of How a Hostile Work Environment Can Be Created
    • Examples from Actual Cases
    • Requirement that Conduct be Severe and Pervasive
    • Discussion of Who Can Create a Hostile Work Environment
  • What about abusive conduct and bullying?
    • What the law says
    • Your responsibility to control abusive behaviors
    • What to do if it occurs
  • Recognizing Inappropriate Behavior
    • Verbal
    • Visual – including electronic
    • Physical
  • Creating a "Speak-Up Culture"
    • The Bystander Affect
    • Passive and Active Bystanders
    • Being the Active Bystander
  • What Causes Workplace Harassment?
  • What about Workplace Romance?
    • Cautions
    • Actions to take
  • Liability
    • Employer
    • Personal
  • Creating a Defensible Position Against Claims of Harassment
    • Cases
    • Policy
    • Appropriate Action
  • Prohibition on Retaliation and Need for Confidentiality
    • Need for Confidentiality
    • Prohibition on Retaliation
    • What is Retaliation and How to Prevent It
    • Avoiding Costly Mistakes Commonly Made by Managers and Supervisors
  • Handling Harassment Complaints
    • Elements of the Investigation
    • Your role as a supervisor
    • HR’s Role
  • Prompt Corrective Action
  • The Quiz Every Manager and Supervisor Must Ace
Your organization's Anti-Harassment Policy is incorporated into the training.
Each section of the training is appropriately related to your organization's policy and procedures.



Online Course Completion, Certification, and Administrative control

These online courses are supported by our Learning Management System (LMS) which tracks and documents the training process for you. You will have administrative access to monitor the training, add users, send reminders, track training completion and much more. 

Our Learning Management System provide documentation of all training. You will have documentation showing:

  • Documentation showing each employee who has taken the course and passed the quiz at the end
  • Verification that each supervisor has had the required two hours of interactive training
  • Certification that the supervisor has passed the course
  • Archived documentation of past users
  • and much more...

A Certificate of Completion is available to all learners successfully completing the course


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