The Ergonomic Solution: Keying in on Aches and Pains in the Computer Age


Applying Ergonomics to Your Office Environment

While the personal computer has revolutionized the modern world, it has also presented the work environment with a new set of hazards. Employees are spending more time working at the computer and, increasingly, are reporting discomfort and seeking medical care for disorders associated with prolonged computer use.

Who Should Attend

All levels of managers, HR professionals, Risk managers, Work Comp specialists and personnel who want to provide an office work environment that promotes employee comfort and productivity while reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with injuries due to prolonged computer use.

Training Benefits

  • Reduce or eliminate musculoskeletal disorders
  • Create an OSHA compliant work environment
  • Take corrective action for workstations
  • Get buy-in for ergonomic efforts
  • Take cost effective approaches to ergonomic solutions


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Develop a working knowledge of how to discuss OSHA’s focus on ergonomics and how current standards affect your business
  • Learn the history of OSHA’s focus on ergonomics in the workplace
  • Discover OSHA’s current enforcement strategies and plans for future intervention
  • Have an elementary understanding of the science of ergonomics and everyday risk factors that contribute to employee discomfort and illness
  • Learn how to recognize the four primary risk factors in your work environment that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders
  • Discuss the cumulative effect of these factors and how to eliminate or reduce the harmful effects on the body
  • Recognize common postures, work habits, and stressors in the office environment that contribute to MSD’s
  • Learn to look at your work environment with an “ergonomic eye”
  • Discover why employees “self-accommodate” to reduce discomfort and how these practices can add “insult to injury” and contribute to long-term illness and injury
  • “Fitting the Work to the Worker”: Implement simple corrective measures at your employee’s workstations
  • Learn about and practice “The Seven Steps to Perfect Chair Adjustment”
  • “Make it My Own”: Simple rules for placing the Visual Display Terminal (VDT) for optimum comfort
  • “Are they really necessary?”: The pros and cons of keyboard trays
  • Discover how to choose peripheral equipment to aid in employee comfort and productivity
  • Participate in Ergonomic Solution’s exclusive “Exercise While You Sit” program
  • Purchase ergonomically correct office equipment without exhausting your budget
  • Discover the features to look for when shopping for furniture and equipment
  • Learn how not to be fooled by “The Ergonomic Tag” and the bells and whistles you don’t need

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