Values-Based Safety Training


Promote a behavior-based safety culture - Training session engages employees to fully participate in the process of their own safety system.


Workplace safety is a combination of three measurable components: the person, their environment, and their values/behavior. Training that brings these three elements together is really the only way workplace accidents can be eliminated. This Values-Based Safety training session helps employees identify and choose a safe behavior over an unsafe one.
This is not a typical behavior-based program. Instead of bringing simple management tools, we offer a values sharing method that transforms culture norms and releases employees to more fully participate in the process of their own safety system, i.e., safety as a way of life. We want to promote making discretionary choices because of shared values.

Valuable input should be acquired in preparation for this training. Provided in this onsite training is a pre-training survey developed to gather current managers’ and supervisors’ perspectives on safety. The survey results are prepared and presented to the selected members of the company leadership who will be attending the conference.

The training program is interactive with entertaining and insightful presentations, including small team discussions and practical application of techniques to real-life situations.


Training Agenda

Day 1

Morning Session

Welcome to Values-Based Safety Training Conference

  • Conference Objectives & Expectations
  • Why We are Here
  • How to Maximize the Opportunity

Why Safety

  • What’s the Good Business Reason for Doing This?

Values-Based Safety Leadership Fundamentals

  • Leadership Keys to an Effective Safety Program
  • Activity – Tent Pole Exercise

Safety Program Barriers – Small Group Activity – Iceberg

Building a Positive, Proactive, Participative Safety Culture

  • Critical Keys to Driving Culture Change in Organizations
  • Video 'I Choose to Look the Other Way'
  • Small Group Activity – Cultivating Safety Process Champions

Afternoon Session

Safety Meetings that Get Results

  • Criteria for Effective Safety Huddles, Weekly Safety Meetings, Tool Box Chats, Stop Work Safety
  • Small Group Activity – Role Play Your Safety Meeting! (Supervisor, Safety Rep., Employee Team)

Values-Based Safety “Safe Work Observation (SWO) Process

  • Personal Temperament Survey
  • Steps to an Effective Observation
  • Coaching/Communicating

Values-Based Safety “Safe Work Observation (SWO) Process

  • Activity – Practical Applications

Who Wants to be a Safety Star?

Wrap-up Quiz Game

Daily Out-Brief and Summary

Day 2 (1/2 day)

Effective Coaching & Communications in Safety

  • Small Group Activity – Good and Bad in Coaching Styles

Team Building without Wasting Time!

Hazard Identification

  • OSHA Regulations in the Workplace

Incident Management – The Total Package

  • Incident Management Philosophy and Practical Application
  • Return-to-Work Process with a Bonus!
  • Effective Incident Investigations and Reporting for Results
  • Activity – Bucket of Bricks

Final Exam

  • Activity – Team Approach to Values-Based Safety Accountability
  • Each team to create and perform a scenario that includes as many concepts from the conference agenda as possible.

Objectives / Feedback

  • Student feedback on personal gains in safety program tools, understanding, and skills

Conference Photo


  • Safety Leaders / Culture Change Agents are honored and dispatched to the trenches.



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