Connection-Centered Networking


Learn Networking Skills to initiate conversations that create business opportunities.


This interactive networking training workshop develops skill needed to develop fruitful conversations that initiate potential business opportunities. The workshop examines the process, purpose and best practices to network effectively.

This networking skills program was developed by Gideon For-mukwai an award-winning speaker and best selling author.The program focuses on quality of connections, not quantity.


Networking Course Objectives:

  • Empower professionals with strategies for connecting and developing social capital
  • Outline techniques that enhance the process without undermining purpose
  • Offer tools that facilitate the process of making a lasting first impression



Course Outline:

  • The art of “small-talk” and how to initiate it professionally
  • Developing likability and credibility in brief interactions
  • The 3Ps of networking that every professional must have
  • Situational awareness and networking with key influencers
  • 3 networking “tools” that help you make a lasting impression
  • Pre-networking preparation and planning: adapting to the weather
  • Networking across countries and cultures: how to hit a home run?
  • Online and offline networking etiquette: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Online and offline networking success stories from 3 continents


Target Audience:

This networking skills seminar is for Business and Sales Professionals who want to expand and improve the quality of their network connections.


Benefits of Network Development Training:

  • Generate new business referrals
  • Identify future business opportunities
  • Increase in social capital and social net worth