How to Develop a Collaborative Relationship


Learn Skills to Build Collaborative Relationships in the Workplace

Learn practical ways to share their knowledge and collaborate for more effective team efforts.

This workshop was built to strengthen collaborative relationships. In this training, participants learn what collaborative relationships really mean. They discover tips and practice techniques to build stronger work and team relationships.

Collaboration occurs when two or more people work together in order to achieve common goals. That's why collaboration is a preferred solution to work with individuals who have different point of views and work styles. But collaboration isn't always easy. Collaboration is a complex process that often requires people to listen and communicate with others in ways that they would not normally use.

This workshop focuses on practical ways that individuals can share their knowledge and collaborate with one another for more effective team efforts.

Develop better work relationships with bosses, coworkers and team members.


In this highly interactive session, participants learn to build productive and harmonious relationships through collaboration. This course helps you relate better to people with different communication and work styles. During this workshop, you will practice techniques to improve listening and observation skills while you explore ways to enhance your ability to collaborate with others.


Who Should Attend

Secretaries, administrative assistants and support staff.


Training Benefits

  • Identify and conquer your personal obstacles to collaboration
  • Learn strategies to communicate your perspective without attacking
  • Increase your productivity
  • Develop successful delegation techniques to improve your effectiveness
  • Improve the handling of multiple projects effectively
  • Address sensitive issues and problems
  • Position yourself as an indispensable part of the management team


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Assertiveness techniques that will increase your professional effectiveness
  • Identify how your boss, co-workers and clients want to be communicated with
  • Adjust your style to the person and the situation for colaborative efforts
  • Correct the most common energy and time wasters
  • Eliminate missed deadlines
  • Delegate clearly and concisely
  • Tactfully communicate conflicting priorities
  • Understanding when “No” is not an option
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Turn a negative into a positive when responding to complaints
  • Know when to write emails, memos, letters or make a phone call
  • Concentrate to get things done
  • Eliminate uncertain areas of responsibility and authority
  • Develop a plan to avoid job frustration and stress
  • Plan, implement and complete your projects
  • Avoid the common traps of working more and accomplishing less
  • Become a valuable liaison between the manager and others

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