Conquering Stress in Work and Life


Onsite workshop trains how to Deal with Stress

Learn skills and techniques to better handle stress

Manage stressful situations

Balance work, home & personal priorities

This onsite workshop trains skills and techniques for effectively dealing with stress and managing stressful situations. Participants discover new ways to balance work, home and personal priorities.

We cannot eliminate all stress in life. And, in fact, some stress is beneficial. But understanding stress, the causes of stress and techniques to manage stress are essential to succeed in today's fast moving, ever changing world.

Everyone leaves this highly interactive and energizing workshop with practical tips and techniques to better deal with stress and improve their overall effectiveness. 



Who Should Attend

Executives, managers, supervisors and all staff members working in intense and stress prone environments. This course is designed for anyone who wants to get more done with less stress and effectively balance work and personal priorities.


Training Benefits

  • Understand stress and its cause
  • Know how your style impacts your stress
  • Learn how to take charge and use proactive steps to be in control
  • Develop a clear perspective of priorities and values
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Balance work and personal life


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Learn what stress is and why it has value
  • Pinpoint the true causes of stress in your life
  • Make choices that help you manage stress
  • Use your style to cope with stress
  • Be proactive even when you are not the one in charge
  • Avoid the reactive trap
  • Develop an awareness of your true values and priorities
  • Learn how to make good decisions to manage multiple priorities
  • Understand the emotional realities
  • Enhance the ability to be more mentally tough
  • Know what to do when all else fails
  • Identify how to put focus and balance in your life

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