Managing Up


Skills to Increase Cooperation and Collaboration with Bosses and Decision Makers

Learn how to best to communicate with your boss

Develop better a working relationship

Discover how to set more effective expectations

Learn tips and techniques to be clear about what you need and expect from your boss


Working successfully with the boss or multiple bosses requires exceptional people skills, time management, and diplomacy. This course is designed for individuals who want to learn effective techniques to communicate their ideas to superiors and decisions makers.

 "Managing Up isn’t about telling your managers what to do. Rather, it's about understanding the boss’ work style and making adjustments to maximize the success of both you and the boss.”

Participants discover ways to recognize when their approach is not effective and how to change it to suit the situation. They learn to effectively learn to challenge assumed constraints and build a more collaborative relationship for improved results.

This highly interactive course uses participants learn and practice proven techniques to develop highly effective relationships with their supervisors, decision makers and peers. They discover how to obtain the best possible results for themselves and people they support.

Participants will learn to:

  • Apply techniques to make a good impression - even if it's not a new boss
  • Assess their current relationships and take concrete actions to make improvements
  • Recognize what managers REALLY want from their staff
  • Effectively surface issues with a boss related to their relationship, status, problems and opportunities
  • Take steps that enhance the image of the boss’ and themselves
  • Manage personality differences that impact manager/staff relationships and effectively cope with “difficult” bosses
  • Manage their own professional success


Competencies: Communication Skills; Conflict Management; Team Building; Accountability; Problem Solving; Partnering; Influencing; Interpersonal Skills


Who should attend: Individuals who want to learn effective techniques to communicate their ideas to superiors and decisions makers

Training Format: Full Day, ½-day, Webinar

Managing Up Course Outline:

Assessing the Situation

  • Strengths in working with the boss
  • Identify areas for improvement

Managing Your Boss

  • Build a strong partnership
  • Clarifying priorities and needs –Theirs and Yours

Establishing Rules and Routines

  • The importance of establishing routines and systems
  • Last minute assignments
  • Redoing work unnecessarily
  • Tactics for removing nonessential surprises

Handling the Unexpected - When things go wrong

  • Techniques for effectively packaging bad news
  • Offering solutions

Presenting Problems or Opportunities

  • Gain the support
  • Get needed resources

Listening for Better Understanding

  • How to adopt "listening body language,"
  • How and when to ask questions to find out what the boss really wants
  • How to confirm understanding

Influencing the Boss

  • Flexing your style
  • Tailor your idea to your audience
  • Four steps to winning people over

Make Your Boss Look Good—Without Becoming a Sycophant

  • Delivering Messages to the Boss and for the Boss
  • Adapting messages to different styles
  • Choosing words that convey messages in the most appropriate way

Coping with Difficult Bosses

  • Turn your boss’s weaknesses into opportunities for you to shine by Amy Gallo 20
  • Coping with a Conflict-Averse – Making bad news bearable
  • Avoid Being Micromanaged
  • Keeping Your Cool with Tough Bosses
  • Coping with difficult situations
  • How to Give Your Boss Feedback … without putting your career in jeopardy

Managing Multiple Bosses

  • Juggle competing demands
  • Avoid getting caught in the middle

Getting Things Done

  • Setting Goals
  • Best practices for staying on top of the work
  • When and how to discuss an unmanageable workload with the boss

Building a Strong support system

  • A Smarter Way to Network
  • Build a strong support system for your next crisis or opportunity

Action Plan

  • Actions they plan to immediately implement
  • Maintaining a solid working relationship with the boss


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