Emotional Management - Essential Skills for High Stress Positions


Learn to apply Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills.

Develop better Self-Management and Self Awareness techniques.

Take control of anger and other strong emotions that can limit effectiveness.

Stay Positive & Productive Under Pressure.


Emotions are harnessed and emotional intelligence developed with the skills acquired in this seminar, improving performance and leadership skills.

Whether you are a firefighter, police officer, nurse or in some other fast-paced, critical decision-making position, emotional management is essential to your success. Studies show 76.6% of Americans face the effects of emotional stress on a daily basis. Emotional stress impacts every decision we make and every action we take. Ultimately, in high stress environments, emotionally balanced professionals make more effective decisions and choices.


Practice techniques to manage emotions and thrive under pressure.


Becoming proficient in emotional management is essential to developing self-security and the ability to effectively deal with the pressures and obstacles that inevitably arise in emotionally charged and fast-paced environments.

When removing employees from emotionally stressful environments is not an option, developing their ability to use strategies and coping skills is critical to individual and organizational success. In this course, you will learn how to identify and understand your best emotional response to stress, how to better communicate under stress, make better decisions and reduce burn-out in even the most challenging positions.


Who Should Attend

Professionals in high profile occupations (teachers, health services, criminal justice, emergency response, probation officers, social welfare, correctional officers and military personnel) who are required to make critical decisions, resolve conflict and give guidance - sometimes with little or no forewarning, information or preparation. Professionals whose daily results and outcomes depend on their ability to make decisions and communicate effectively without hostility, lack of focus or bias, regardless of the stress and pressure that surround them.


Training Benefits

  • Improve the organization’s image
  • Reduce the cost of compensation claims, job related accidents and civil liability
  • Improve morale and productivity
  • Reduce turnover or the loss of valuable professionals due to stress
  • Improve communication
  • Make better decisions 


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understand which emotional stresses and pressures can be avoided
  • How to avoid the “slow poison” that causes emotional meltdowns and devastation
  • Learn the signs of emotional imbalance
  • Understand your method of reaction
  • Understand your responsibility to regulate emotions
  • Learn the ability to increase your interactive influence even under stress and pressure
  • Recognize and acknowledge the three primary stresses which affect us daily
  • Learn the four categories for sources of emotional stress and how to cope with each
  • Learn the personal tools to gain a greater sense of power to act more proficiently in the most challenging situations
  • Learn how to harness the power and influence of emotions to make more effective decisions, choices and relationships
  • Learn how to develop better team relationships
  • Learn how to reduce burn-out

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