Creativity in Today’s Changing World


A Creative Thinking Training Course

Discover new techniques & examine multiple creative thinking methods for better problem solving.


Creativity training enables you to experience the power and profit that comes with creative thinking and flexible actions.  Winning organizations know it takes a unique combination of skills, techniques and commitment to create the heart of their business success through an innovative and creative workforce. Success in today’s changing world requires companies, large and small, to have the ability to be flexible no matter what. Progressive companies understand the need to continually encourage and develop innovation in all levels of the team, from entry level employees to executives. When people can utilize proven techniques to solve problems and come up with new ideas, they can have a direct impact on a healthy bottom line for your company.

Participants learn to challenge assumptions, dispel corporate myths, and question the status quo. They discover new techniques and examine multiple creative-thinking techniques for better problem solving. In this highly interactive training, participants tackle real-world business problems using a variety of creative problem solving methods.

This exciting and content-rich seminar teaches you how to keep your creativity, and how it can keep you and your organization on the leading edge. Learn how to encourage others to be creative in changing times and how to welcome creativity. When you learn and apply the strategies of Creativity in Today’s Changing World, you will be able to experience the power and profit that comes with flexible actions and thinking.


This creativity training seminar is designed to assist you to be the best you can be. Drawn from the real-life situations and experiences of thousands of individuals, from all walks of life, seeking greater fulfillment, our seasoned trainers enthusiastically share the secrets they’ve learned to make you more valuable and your company more productive and profitable.

Who Should Attend

From front line employees who want to show they have a lot to contribute to the success of the company to executives and entrepreneurs who have the vision to get outside of traditional methods of thinking and want to get the most out of their business, this course helps anyone who wants to develop their ability to better serve their clients and customers, and values a proactive team to find solutions to everyday problems and obstacles in a changing world.

Training Benefits

  • Why creativity is an essential communication skill
  • Uncover the hidden creativity reservoir you may not know you have
  • Discover ways to re-invent your most mundane tasks into exciting, new opportunities
  • How your thinking impacts your creativity
  • Learn new ways to solve old problems
  • Discover how to achieve greater results in your life
  • Increase your productivity
  • New ways to solve old problems 

Overview of Topics Covered and Learning Points Developed

  • Discover the ricochet method of developing
  • Problem Solving
  • Learn to welcome problems as challenges to be met and opportunities to be conquered
  • Find out how to see the solutions that others can’t see
  • Discover the secrets of how nature solves problems and apply them to your challenges
  • Learn how to use a special system to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems
  • New Methods of Thinking
  • Understand the process of innovation
  • Learn some proven, workable tips on defying conventional wisdom to find exciting, new solutions
  • Discover the extra power of failure to find new avenues of success
  • Find out the secrets of how to be outstanding by standing out
  • Learn how to unlock the mindset that can limit you
  • Discover the excitement of facing each day with new possibilities and opportunities
  • Learn how to find fresh, new ideas even when you have begun to feel the effects of burnout
  • Discover the techniques of renewing your enthusiasm and sense of discovery
  • Find out how to keep your personal flame burning brightly
  • Learn how to tap into reserves you didn’t know you had to get a fresh start on any project
  • What To Do About The Day-to-Day Routines
  • Discover the amazing positive effects of private inspiration time
  • Learn how to put your personal “signature” on the work you do
  • Find out how to fill every day with excitement and discovery while still getting everything done
  • Discover the ways to involve others in your constant quest for creativity


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