New Skills for Working Remotely


Webinar to develop Virtual Work Skills employees need and answer questions about working remotely.

Working remotely seems like a great idea for many employees. Avoiding commutes, being home with the kids and taking care of other “home/life” issues, working at home sounds good. But working at home and being a virtual team member creates special challenges.

This interactive webinar is designed to help remote workers be great employees and teammates in the new reality of co-location.

This 1-hour webinar helps overcome the challenges of virtual work and
remove drawbacks of teaming virtually.


Key content covered in the webinar: 

  • Building Trust – an essential element of virtual work

    • Are you really working?
    • Cognitive vs. affective trust
    • Maintaining trust
  • Virtual Employee Expectations

    • Communicating Expectations - Be upfront and clear
    • Be explicit about expectations
      • Expectations of you
      • Expectations of team members
      • Expectations of your boss
  • Virtual Team Communication

    • Setting guidelines for: Video-chats, emails, texts, voicemails and more
    • Check in frequency and methods
    • Social networking in a virtual team
  • Making Virtual Meetings Work

    • Challenges
    • Overcoming the challenges


Working remotely and Virtual teaming is here to stay. This new reality presents unique challenges to high performance. For future success, businesses must ensure employees have the essential skills to be effective remote employees and virtual teammates.   

Take advantage of our low-cost Instructor-led webinar and onsite training for all employees and management personnel.

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