The Purpose-Driven Employee


An onsite workshop designed to Engage and Re-Engage Employees to achieve greater success.

Participants learn how to discover and apply their talents to strengthen and grow their career.

The “Purpose Driven Employee” is a workshop designed to inspire individuals for success. This workshop was developed by Warren Wandling and is based on the Five Laws of Awakening Significance. This is a highly interactive program providing a fresh approach to discovering and applying the unique gifts and talents that lie within everyone. Participants learn how to discover and apply their talents to strengthen and grow their career. They discover how to evaluate their career from different perspectives and get on track to live a life of significance and balance.


Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and employees desiring career advancement or those who want to discover how to live a balanced life in a fast-paced world. Awakening Significance will provide insight into understanding your purpose. This program is for anyone that has a desire to increase results in his/her life.


Training Benefits

  • Discover your behavioral strengths
  • Value differences in others
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Learn how to live your life on purpose
  • Discover how to achieve greater results in your life
  • Increase your productivity
  • Discover how to set a goal that will get results


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

The Law of Knowing Yourself

  • Discover the greatness that lies within you
  • Understand the power of knowing your behavior style by taking a personal inventory
  • Learn how to adapt your behavior to meet the needs of other people and situations to get the best results

The Law of Purpose

  • Discover your purpose
  • Apply specific techniques to write YOUR purpose statement
  • Effect change in seven important areas of your life

The Law of Belief

  • Determine if your belief system is working for you or against you
  • Apply the power of affirmations
  • Understand the external and internal inputs that affect you daily

The Law of Focus

  • Discover why people spend 80% of the day on the wrong activities
  • Reduce stress
  • Be a good steward of your time—hit the mark

The Law of Goal Setting

  • Learn eight power steps to achieve your goals
  • Find out ‘Who’ you should share your goals with
  • How does the yardstick of life affect your goals?

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