Fast-Track Team Building for Virtual Teams


Training to Manage the Challenges of Virtual, Remote, and Extended Teams

Virtual team building is one of the greatest challenges a team can have. In this virtual team building training, teams learn the skills required to operate as a high performance team. Participants learn to implement the tools to operate effectively even when members are not co-located. 

Knowing how to best work with each other is one of the most important aspects of building a virtual team. In this highly interactive session, team members spend time getting to know each other’s communication and work style preferences and how to work most effectively without face-to-face contact. This training is best done in a session with all team members present. However, for groups in which travel costs would be prohibitive, the workshop has proven to be successful via video teleconference using your organization’s VTC technology.

The workshop is usually done as a two-day onsite event, but can be tailored to the unique needs of the team. A pre-workshop survey may be done via email or phone interview to pinpoint the areas that need work and allow us to customize a skill-based, interactive training program for your team.

Training options include sending your team off-site for two days to incorporate a “retreat” component, or delivering the workshop at your own location.

Who Should Attend

This training is for all members of any virtual project or work team, including brand new teams, established teams or dysfunctional teams.


Training Benefits

  • Create or increase a sense of identity and purpose for a new team
  • Create or refine team norms, especially around communication preferences and regularly scheduled meetings
  • Create greater team cohesion leading to greater team effectiveness
  • Improve the goal-setting process of your team
  • Give teams time and structure to evaluate their systems, customer satisfaction levels and measurable results
  • Give teams time and structure to create action plans for new projects or for improving processes on current projects


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points Delivered

  • Creating rapport and building relationships with virtual teammates
  • Tips for building trust from a distance
  • Understanding individual work styles and preferences (for this we use a simplified version of the DISC or the Merrill-Reid model)
  • Creating and committing to team communication norms
  • Examining the pros and cons of email versus telephone versus web conferencing versus VTC as communication media, and identifying individual team member preferences
  • Developing conflict management approaches
  • Develop new skills for problem solving and change
  • Effective facilitation skills for virtual meetings


Options for Additional Training Topics Include

  • Creation of written team norms
  • Creation of team charter, including roles and responsibilities
  • Creation of a team mission and vision statement
  • Creation of new team goals and objectives
  • Creation of new team performance standards
  • Creation of a “press release” to describe the team’s function to other teams within the organization


We use a highly experiential training format, giving the team time to explore group interactions, behaviors, perceptions, attitudes and relationships, and allowing for the creation of any deliverables you may specify.  

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