Train The Trainer Articles


Improve your training facilitation and presentation skills.

Alliance strives to provide reference and educational tools to keep you apprised of the latest information to help you and your organization achieve top performance. These train-the-trainer articles can provide tips and techniques to improve facilitation and presentation skills for more effective employee training and professional development programs. Click to read the articles listed below. 


Train the Trainer Training Articles

Use Training Needs Analysis to Improve Training ROI Use Training Needs Analysis to Improve Training ROI
How Effective Are Your Trainers? How Effective Are Your Trainers?


EXPLORE TRAINING OPTIONS and our Train the Trainer Onsite Courses.

Our onsite, instructor-led training seminars and workshops will prepare you to design, develop and deliver effective presentations for all levels whether you are speaking to front-line employees, top executives, the media or large audiences of any kind.

You will learn powerful facilitation and training skills enabling you to implement solid strategies to make exceptional presentations, respond smoothly when asked to make a few impromptu remarks, and stay cool, calm, and collected when your audience starts drilling you with tough questions.