Facilitation Skills for Trainers and Leaders


Learn Proven Skills to Facilitate Meetings, Discussions and Training Sessions


Good facilitation makes the difference between event success or failure. Develop effective facilitation and group process skills in this interactive workshop designed for trainers, managers, team leaders and anyone required to facilitate group activities or discussions. In this session, we focus on developing critical skills to engage audience participation and lead discussions the get maximum results. Participants learn skills to improve listening, paraphrasing and questioning techniques that achieve learning objectives efficiently.

Become a better facilitator and avoid giving boring lectures.

Training facilitation skills helps trainers, managers and team leaders improve their ability to engage everyone for better brainstorming and problems-solving efforts. By facilitating everyone’s participation, problems are better understood, better decisions are made and more support for solutions is achieved. Plus, the facilitation skills developed in this interactive training session helps create more effective group dynamics and improve team efforts and cohesiveness.

Everyone leaves this onsite facilitation skills training seminar with a better understanding of group dynamics and how to give presentations that focus groups for better understanding and application of principles. 


Who Should Attend

Trainers, managers, sales people, team leaders and anyone who wants to improve their skills to facilitate group discussions, problem-solving and strategic planning sessions. This course will help you develop skills that engage participation and interactive discussions of all types.


Training Objectives 

  • Apply effective facilitation techniques to work with groups
  • Facilitate a group toward an intended outcome or learning objective 
  • Facilitate brainstorming, problem-solving and decision-making processes
  • Build on ideas that lead to better results
  • Deal with challenges to the group process
  • Conduct highly interactive group discussions and training sessions 


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • What is Facilitation
  • Understand the difference between facilitation and presenting
  • Learn the types of facilitation 
  • Recognize the facilitator’s role
  • How to establish a climate for group success 
  • Establish ground rules upfront
  • Learn how your style can set the tone
  • Use questions to solicit information and different perspectives 
  • Develop and use active listening 
  • How to clarify for better understanding and focus the discussion 
  • How to give feedback and direction 
  • Understand how groups work
  • Recognize the impact of group dynamics
  • Implement strategies to help groups be more productive
  • Implement effective brainstorming
  • Using group problem solving techniques 
  • Gaining consensus for decision making 
  • Overcoming common group problems 
  • Increase participation and commitment 
  • Practice
  • Developing Your Action Plan


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