How to Train the Adult Learner


Learn How to Apply Proven Principles of Adult Learning to Your Training

Our seminars on Adult Learning Principles show you how to use training methods and techniques required to train adult learners, provide effective job orientation and improve job skills.

In this interactive session learn and practice techniques to engage adult learners and get the most out of your courses. You will discover powerful adult learning principles to maximize the transfer of learning from the classroom to the job.


Who Should Attend

Trainers, managers and consultants who want to optimize the training environment and training programs to effectively reach the adult learner and achieve outstanding results.


Training Benefits

  • Successfully apply the principles of adult learning in all of our training
  • Understand what really motivates the adult learner and why they choose to learn
  • Create more motivational and energetic training
  • Make the most out of every training presentation by reaching all learning styles
  • Select the best training and instructional method for every program
  • Understand personality tendencies, adult development and its implication on training and education


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • How to understand how adults learn
  • How to differentiate among learning principles, learning styles and organizing styles
  • How to identify the strengths and weaknesses of common adult training styles
  • How to communicate effectively with others who have different personality styles
  • How to gain and maintain trainee’s attention and interest
  • How to better think on your feet and respond to questions
  • How to incorporate motivational communication techniques into training programs
  • How to improve your delivery and presentation skills
  • How to apply the concepts of accelerated learning into training programs
  • How to apply the results of an Adult Learning Inventory (ALI) in our training


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