Developing Better Training Programs


Training to Improve the Results of Training Programs

Onsite training design workshops and seminars that train trainers on how to develop courses to meet learner needs and styles of learning, and put the principles of adult learning into practice effectively. 

Who Should Attend

Trainers, training managers, human resource personnel, managers, supervisors and lead employees who need to excel at designing, developing and delivering successful training.

Training Benefits

  • Increase the success rate of developing training programs that change employee performance and behavior
  • Develop the skills to design course curriculum that adapts to the full range of learning styles
  • Improve organizational effectiveness by delivering high impact training that gets results
  • Increase the respect, commitment and attention of both peers and trainees in the classroom
  • Achieve the understanding of the competencies and skills required to be an effective trainer
  • Improve the integration of training and the meeting of business objectives

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Conduct a more comprehensive Training Needs Assessment
  • Understand and manage the human dynamics of group interaction
  • Maximize the average adult attention span during training
  • Gain more management support and backing for your training programs
  • Decrease the development time in putting training programs together
  • Learn how to reach the different learning styles of a diverse training group
  • Improve the retention of information and training
  • Improve your delivery and presentation skills
  • Get more effective supervisory buy-in, follow-up and reinforcement for your training
  • Learn how to handle difficult trainees and other tough training situations


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