Tactical Selling Skills


Sales Training on Advanced Sales Strategies and Tactics to Sell More…and Sell More Easily

In this 1-day training session, participants master the techniques, approaches and skills that can put them in the top echelon of sales reps nationwide. Participants come away with everything they need to take their sales to the next level and reap the benefits top sales professionals enjoy.

Tactical selling offers much more than the basic sales seminar. Participants learn the strategies and techniques for the tactical selling approach. While covering the entire sales process, participants discover how to best utilize their skills and abilities for successful sales outcomes. This onsite seminar provides tips, insights and tactical sales techniques to increase your sales potential and maximize profits.

If you:

  • Struggle through cold calls with little success
  • Spend too much time on unproductive accounts
  • Want to close more deals faster

This workshop is for you!

In this highly interactive training session, participants learn the difference between open and closed questions which are crucial to the closing process. Participants will learn how to "drip" their closing questions and use “assumptive” closes throughout the sales process to gauge customer interest in the “buy.”

Through interactive exercises and cases tailored to your products and services, participants recognize how to use the gauging effect as a tool to adjust the sales presentation to the customer and close more sales. They develop new skills and techniques to ask for simple confirmations to build trust and credibility during the sales process. They develop new listening skills to better understand customer needs and practice approaches to get the customer more engaged in the product or service presentation and recognize the value of buying from you.

Everyone leaves with a greater ability to close more sales faster!

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all sales staff including sales managers and customer service personnel. The seminar will provide understanding of the sales process necessary to build customer relationships and employ successful methods of approach for sales success. This seminar will also help your personnel decipher how and which skills to employ when engaging the customer.


Training Benefits

  • Improve your sales skills
  • Be more confident explaining the benefits of your products and services
  • Increase your earnings potential
  • Improve your closing ratio
  • Fine tune your listening skills to find out what your prospects actual needs really are
  • Obtain new business


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Identify your nonverbal messages — what your appearance, manner and posture tells clients
  • Learn how to properly qualify and prospect for new business
  • Understand how to cultivate trust - building process of communication
  • Discover why a conversational approach is the new way to sell
  • Employ active listening to discover customers true needs
  • Know how to handle objections and understand what they mean
  • Learn to be aware of buying signals
  • Discover how to get past the gatekeeper
  • Know how to sell and overcome the price objective
  • Write successful sales materials
  • Understand how to use negotiation strategies
  • Determine your personal selling style and how to use it
  • Recognize “buyers” from “browsers”
  • Dispel sales myths
  • Discover why proper sales follow up is crucial to the sale
  • Master the seven steps involved in cold calling


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