Leadership Skills for Sales Managers


Training Proven Sales Management Skills To Improve Sales and Increase Sales Margins

Great sales teams have great leaders but not every sales manager knows how to be a great leader. In this course, participants learn what great leaders do differently and how to apply leadership skills to the sales management process.

This interactive program employs exercises and case studies to challenge conventional thinking. During the program, participants focus on how they can to apply new leadership skills to the sales management role and inspire team performance.

Who Should Attend

This training session is designed for business owners, sales directors, sales managers and anyone responsible for the performance of a sales team.


Training Benefits

  • Effectively influence your sales team allowing them to achieve more
  • Apply the most appropriate leadership style to each situation
  • Learn motivation principles to inspire the sales team to improve performance and increase job satisfaction
  • Successfully apply leadership to the sales management role
  • Quickly improve the sales results of your team
  • Build a motivated team that will deliver outstanding results year after year


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Leadership versus Management – What’s the difference
  • The Sales Manager as leader - The skills and qualities of the leadership role
  • Leadership styles – Develop an effective leadership style that works for you
  • Becoming a visionary leader – Understand what really needs to be done
  • Communicating the vision – How to inspire others and deliver a compelling message
  • Using humor, flexibility, integrity and empathy to develop a compelling presence as a leader
  • Leadership skills for change management – Decision-making and planning as a leader to keep "all the balls in the air"
  • Motivating as a leader – Develop teams and individuals to take the "if it’s going to be, it’s up to me" approach
  • Talent Management for Leaders – planning the structure of team efforts to meet business needs and maximize efforts
  • Coaching skills for leaders – Working with sales people in the field (one-on-one coaching as a leader)
  • Leading team meetings – strategy, content, timing and delivery for effective leadership
  • Leading by Example
  • Create a personal action plan to develop and apply leadership skills


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