Everyone is in Sales!


How to Create a Sales Culture at Every Level of the Company.

Sales are created and supported by everyone in the organization. It is a common misconception that the people who do all the selling are the only sales people. While sales professionals lead the effort, internal and external customer contacts impact sales results at all levels. There is not a single person in an organization that does not have an opportunity to sell for their organization.  That’s why we developed this 1-day “Everyone is in Sales” training session.

There has never been a greater opportunity – or a greater need – than what we have right now to harness the sales expertise and talent of all employees and ensure success in these exceptional times. However, training is required. The skills developed in this training enable your organization to build and benefit from a sales culture. 

Go beyond customer service!
Create an organizational sales culture to ensure success.

Your sales efforts are greatly enhanced when those whose role is not defined as sales develop productive commercially-oriented relationships with customers. The skills developed in this seminar will protect existing business, identify new sales opportunities and convert sales opportunities into actual business. Because they know how to sell, everyone will be able to recognize customer needs and support the organization’s sales at all levels. 

Sales skills are life skills.

Every successful person is good at selling himself or herself. But, no one is born a sales person. Sales skills are professional, business-related and innovative skills that must be developed. As a result, everyone in an organization should receive some sales training. 

Think about the tremendous upside when everyone in the organization considers sales as job #1!

Not only will you dramatically increase sales potential and reinforce the efforts of your sales force, you will also see dramatic increases in employee confidence, attitude and motivation. Plus, it takes very few positive results to more than pay for the investment!

In this interactive session, participants discover new skills to: Ask better questions; Listen intently; Present and clarify a position or opinion; Deal with objections; and Reach a successful conclusion. All are essential skills for sales and help participants become more successful in every aspect of work and life.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is in a position that requires the occasional involvement in sales, sales support, customer service, receptionists and anyone else who has customer contact from a technical or product support perspective. New and experienced sales people, managers and executives will also benefit from this course.

Training Benefits

  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • make growing the business and sales everyone's job
  • Build better business and customer relations
  • Identify new sales opportunities
  • Skillfully deal with prospects and recognize new business opportunities
  • Create better business “ambassadors” at all levels
  • Enhance skills to influence others for positive results
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profits
  • Everyone will create their own action plan to positively impact organizational sales

Our “Everyone is in Sales” seminar helps you build a strong sales culture. Each learning objective is designed to enhance your organization’s sales position in a highly competitive marketplace. Take a moment to review the agenda below and contact us for more specific information.


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • How to take a consultative approach to interactions with customers
  • Asking the right questions - at the right time
  • How to listen – listening with a “business” ear
  • Identify the business and personal needs of the customer
  • Understand the structure of most productive sales interactions
  • Five reasons why people buy
  • Five reasons why people don't buy
  • Understand Features, Advantages and Benefits from a sales perspective - A lost art that sells
  • Handling objections and customer concerns to build business relationships
  • The ABC Principle of closing - and we don't mean the door
  • Gain commitment in a natural and non-confrontational manner
  • Deal positively with different personalities
  • Building “wrap-up questions” into customer contacts to initiate new opportunities
  • Apply techniques that can turn the “tight budget” argument into new orders
  • Developing your personal action plan

(Your specific course agenda will be customized to your needs.)

 Course Take-Aways

Each participant will leave with an “Everyone is in Sales” course manual complete with notes supporting all course learning points, a personal action plan to implement, practice course how-to’s and additional information references for continued development.


Invariably, everyone encounters opportunities where they represent their company to current or potential customers. Businesses implementing the philosophy that everyone is a salesperson, and prepare their employees accordingly, have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Alliance's sales training professionals will help you develop a sales culture within your organization. 

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We will help your employees gain a foundation of skills and knowledge that will enable them to develop disciplines essential to being a critical part of your organization’s sales culture and bottom-line success.