Successful Negotiating


Training Proven Sales Negotiation Skills, Tactics and Tips to Improve Sales Success 

The ability to negotiate effectively is a high priority competency for business people today. This course will guide you through the steps to learn the skills needed to plan and conduct a successful negotiation with a win-win outcome. Based on academic research, this course goes beyond the basics to teach you how to look for creative solutions that can “enlarge the pie” for everyone. Interactive exercises, relevant examples and small group discussions reinforce learning and keep the session interesting and fun.

Who Should Attend

Individuals from executive level to salespeople who engage in negotiating activities from major business deals for their companies to working with vendors will benefit from this course.


Training Benefits

  • Understand the importance of a win-win approach to negotiation
  • Determine your communication style and how to recognize the styles of others
  • Learn how to plan a negotiation and why a plan is important
  • Learn the stages of a negotiation
  • Explore effective methods for team negotiation
  • Learn key negotiation tactics
  • Learn how to negotiate major deals and how to handle customer returns or complaints


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Learn how to recognize when negotiation is appropriate, and when it is not appropriate
  • Develop and implement an effective plan and strategy for a negotiation
  • Learn to recognize communication styles and how to communicate effectively during a negotiation
  • Develop skills to recognize the causes of resistance and how to deal with them
  • Use anchors and how to control the range of negotiation and make them work for you
  • Effectively escalate commitment
  • Understand when and why you may have to be willing to walk away
  • Know when to use or not use first offers, and how to make the right offer
  • Use bidding strategies and recognize the hidden messages behind bids and offers


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