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Paul Gibler "the Web Chef"
 has an entertaining and effective training style. Paul is an expert in e-marketing and internet sales techniques who can help you make your online sales effort up-to-date and profitable. Using Paul's unique "baking" metaphors, here are some of the internet and online sales training topics we can bring to your organization:

Shake - Multi-Channel Strategies to Attract Customers
If you build it will they come? Even with the power of the web, prospects need to find you before they can become your customers. This presentation gives you a baseline understanding of the multi-channel options available to build traffic - directory listings, search engine marketing, reciprocal links, offline promotion, signature files, advertising options, key word purchases, etc.

Bake - Building Online Customer Relationships
On the web, your competitors are only a click away. It is very important that your site be integrated into your business operations and that it be usable for your key stakeholders. In this session, you will learn about some strategies and techniques for managing and building content, delivering customer service, optimizing your e-commerce site, and improving site usability and accessibility.

Create - Online Advertising Options
In this session, you will gain insights into online advertising’s role as both a branding and direct response medium. You will also learn about advertising standards, newer ad formats, technologies and placement strategies that are leading to growth in online advertising. Among the ads reviewed will be out-of-banner, rollover, interactive messaging units, rich media ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.

Deliver - Email Permission Marketing     
In this intensive session, you will learn some of the do's and don’ts of effective email marketing. Among the areas covered are tips to be effective, building and managing lists, creating your email, deliverability, privacy issues, CAN SPAM Law, usability, etc.

Spider Food - Search Engine Marketing and SEO
Search engines play an important component in your overall e-marketing strategy. In this presentation, we offer tips on maximizing your search engine placements through key word purchases, pay-for-review submissions, metatag development and other techniques to build your site traffic.


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