Telephone Selling Techniques That Work


Learn Proven Selling Skills that Turn Telesales Opportunities into Closed Sales

This workshop provides your sales team with techniques, skills and strategies of the consultative telephone sell.

Turn your call center staff from order-takers to full-fledged Consultative Sales Account Representatives.

In this highly interactive training, participants gain new insights into the mechanics of a complex sale. They practice every step of the sales cycle and master the skills it takes to be effective closing sales over the phone and stop wasting time and burning through leads.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who depends on their telephone skills to secure customer business, new and experienced sales representatives who need a skill refresher on telephone selling, and anyone wanting to upgrade their skills for handling incoming calls, making outgoing calls, taking orders, prospecting, selling, customer service, collection and telephone etiquette.


Training Benefits

  • Overcome customer concerns quickly and learn to position your product or service to provide meaningful value to the customer
  • Learn to close sales fast, even in a competitive or saturated market
  • Understand the difference between techniques used for telephone versus face-to-face selling
  • Project a tone and speed of "sales speak" that customers prefer
  • Tailor your sales presentation to be brief, clear and customer need specific
  • Understand different buyer types
  • Listen for customer signs of interest and current state of mind
  • Present your product or services and confirm the sale
  • Use objections as a tool to close a sale


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your telephone voice
  • Project the appropriate voice tone and "sales speak"
  • Interview customers instead of pitching products
  • Develop your personal telephone sales script
  • Understand how to get prospects’ interest and attention in the first ten seconds!
  • Develop strategies for getting past "gatekeepers"
  • Quickly recognize and adapt to the different buyer types and use behaviors necessary to create positive chemistry
  • Discover how to handle difficult objections and skepticism
  • Organize your telephone call strategy
  • Learn the secrets to getting through voice mail systems
  • Use questions that uncover customer needs and expectations
  • Answer the question: Is "send me some literature" really a brush-off?
  • Master what to say to close the sale
  • Learn to incorporate your sales visuals when you are only on audio
  • Determine opportunity areas for adding value to a customer’s business
  • How to clarify customer information and reaffirm their interests
  • Learn to use closing techniques that are telephone friendly


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