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Training proven sales techniques, customer service skills and marketing expertise to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.


You will not make more sales just by making more calls. Let our sales experts train your sales staff to maximize their sales potential on every call.  Our proven sales strategies are incorporated into high-impact training that gets results. Whether it is consultative selling, value-added sales and relationship selling, or basic sales closing techniques, the training is customized to your specific needs and delivered at your location.


About the Sales Training Program

Alliance’s sales training programs deliver practical, ready-to-use selling techniques to generate better results for you and your organization. In each and every sales training seminar, you will uncover ways to increase your numbers by using fundamental and advanced selling techniques. 

EXPLORE all of our Sales and Marketing Courses.

Learn Basic Selling Skills to Advanced Sales Management Strategies

For sales managers, Alliance offers sales management training to assist you in areas like territory management, sales coaching, and national account management. Whether you are a new salesperson or an experienced sales manager, there is an Alliance sales training seminar or sales management program that meets your needs. Choose any one of the sales training programs or sales management courses to discover selling techniques to keep your customer base intact as you continue to expand your client list.

From basic selling skills to advanced sales management strategies, Alliance’s comprehensive sales seminars guide you through every stage of your professional life. Whether you are a new, experienced, or high-level sales professional, you will discover how to increase your sales, generate better numbers, keep your customer base intact, and reach out to expand your client list. 



We Challenge Outdated Sales Training Approaches

For years, sales managers and sales trainers have been saying that sales are a 'numbers' game. "If you will see enough people, you will make enough sales." 

We have three questions challenging that thinking.  First of all, what is enough sales? Second, how many is enough people? And third, is this the best approach to take to the prospect for new business? Do not let sales myths and old clichés drive your sales training program. You want the newest, most up-to-date sales strategies to drive your sales development program and your selling effort. Our courses develop proven sales skills your people can and will use to improve sales at all levels.

At Alliance, we train people to use proven sales tools, techniques, and strategies. Our workshops equip your sales force with a strategic plan for sales success. 


Make your selling techniques work harder for you 
with an Alliance sales training seminar!


All of Alliance’s programs are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements. Plus, our training is 100% guaranteed. We will make certain your training targets your people and your organization's needs.