Fast-Track Team Building for Virtual Teams Webinar


Team building webinar focuses on essential skills to become a high-performance virtual team - Team Communication, Team Collaboration, Connecting as a Team, Team Coaching.

This team building webinar addresses one of the greatest challenges a team can have – not being or feeling “connected. How are virtual teammates expected to operate as a high-performance team when its members are not co-located. This webinar will give team members the tools to overcome that challenge.

In this webinar we focus on the critical skills to become a high-performance virtual team:

    • Communicating as a Team

    • Collaborating as a Team

    • Connecting as a Team

    • Coaching the Team

This can be especially hard when teams are suddenly separated from an onsite location to an individually located environment. Depending on the team assessment, current events that may be impacting team productivity, this course is tailored to target the specific needs of the team. As a result, the duration of this webinar training session can be scheduled in 90-minute time-blocks. Training deliverable options are listed below. (The typical webinar duration is two or three sessions.)  

Training designed for all team members.

This training is for all members of any virtual project or work team, including brand new teams, established teams, or dysfunctional teams.

This interactive webinar is designed to bring every team member and the team lead up to spread as an vital part of the virtual team. Where all team members become part of a unified team working together for a common goal. A pre-webinar survey may be done via email or phone interview to pinpoint the areas that need work and allow us to customize a skill-based, interactive training program for your team.

Training Benefits:

    • Prepare or revitalize the virtual team
    • Create or increase a sense of identity and purpose for a new team
    • Create or refine team norms, especially around communication preferences and regularly scheduled meetings
    • Create greater team cohesion leading to greater team effectiveness
    • Improve the goal-setting process of your team
    • Give teams time and structure to evaluate their systems, customer satisfaction levels, and measurable results
    • Give teams time and structure to create action plans for new projects, or for improving processes on current projects

Overview of Training Topics Developed

    • Creating rapport and building relationships with virtual teammates
    • Creating and committing to team communication norms
    • Dealing with the question. “Are they really working?”
    • Tips for building and maintaining trust from a distance
    • Examining the pros and cons of virtual communication options – email, telephone, web conferencing
    • Setting goals, objectives and performance standards
    • Developing conflict management approaches in a virtual environment
    • Working together to solve problems and manage change in a virtual environment
    • Effective facilitation skills for virtual meetings

Options for Deliverables:

    • Creation of written team norms
    • Creation of team charter, including roles and responsibilities
    • Creation of a team mission and vision statement
    • Creation of new team goals and objectives
    • Creation of new team performance standards
    • Creation of a “press release” to describe the team’s function to other teams within the organization

Working remotely and Virtual teaming is here to stay. This new reality presents unique challenges to high performance. For future success, businesses must ensure employees have the essential skills to be effective remote employees and virtual teammates.   

Take advantage of our low-cost Instructor-led webinar and onsite training for all employees and management personnel.

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