Fast-Track Team Building for Teams


Training Team Members to Be Great Team Players for Better Team Results


Fast-track your work and project teams to better results with this team training. Designed for the entire team to attend, this team development workshop will get your team on track with high-performance team skills and improved team results.

This is a high-impact team development event! The workshop will challenge your team's current perceptions of performance limits, engage team members in the development of their individual contributions, and enhance the entire team development process.


Is your staff a team, or simply a group of people working in close proximity?


This training enables team members to identify behaviors and actions that enhance or inhibit team performance. The team then initiates a critical change process by identifying alternative, more productive actions and behaviors. The result is a team that is more focused, more effective and more powerful!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Team leaders are sent to team building courses, but team members never get training on how to function as an effective team
  • The team is supposed to immediately gel and provide measurable results
  • The team struggles with interpersonal conflict
  • Team experiences communication difficulties
  • Team lacks a clear sense of purpose
  • The team lacks a set of agreed-upon standards of operation to maximize effectiveness


Experience the difference between working as a group and working as a high-performance team.


The workshop emphasis is determined by your specific team needs and situation. Whether your team is a new team just getting started, an existing team that needs to be re-energized, or a dysfunctional team that needs to be refocused, this program will be designed just for you.

The workshop will be tailored to the unique needs of the team. A pre-workshop assessment, completed by all members of the team, will pinpoint the areas that need work and allow us to customize a skill-based, interactive training program for your team. 

Training options include sending your team off-site for two days to incorporate a “retreat” component, or delivering the workshop at your own location in only one day.

Your team will leave this program better equipped for effective communication, have the ability to focus on future performance goals, share common values and aspirations, and understand the required contribution of all team members.



Who Should Attend

This training is for all members of any intact project or work team, including brand new teams, established teams, or dysfunctional teams.


Training Benefits

  • Create or increase a sense of identity and purpose for a new team
  • Create or refine team norms
  • Create greater team cohesion leading to greater team effectiveness
  • Improve the goal-setting process of your team
  • Give teams time and structure to evaluate their systems, customer satisfaction levels and measurable results
  • Give teams time and structure to create action plans for new projects or for improving processes on current projects


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Assessment administered to all members of the team to target issues and customize the training
  • Develop new skills for change
  • Develop new strategies for team standard operating procedures
  • Develop new team communication skills
  • Development of active and empathetic listening skills
  • Evaluation of complementary skill sets and gaps in the team’s skill sets and role assignments
  • Creation or refinement of a conflict resolution process for the team
  • Discussion of the value of diversity on a team
  • Practice in how to use that diversity to be more innovative in business solutions
  • Develop team problem solving skills
  • Improvement of team assessment processes


We use a highly experiential training format, allowing the team to spend as much time as possible exploring group actions, behaviors, perceptions, attitudes and relationships within the team. 

The experiential activities used in this session enable team members to explore beyond their immediate perceptions, examine their beliefs and values, challenge assumptions about their limitations, and push the limits to find out what happens. Each exercise is tailored to focus on specific outcomes. 

Using experiential exercises and activities we build the team’s ability to:

  • Identify and focus on achieving a common goal
  • Share and clarify objectives
  • Collectively plan and organize resources
  • Effectively communicate
  • Balance challenge and support


Every organization has its own culture, each team is at a particular stage in its life, and each team member has a unique relationship within the team. We adapt each session to provide appropriate emphasis and focus to challenge the team specifically for your training objectives and preferences.

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